Published Novels

The Belle Âme Chronicles

Murder. Romance. Hippies. Deception. Family. In bestselling author Angela Nicole Chu’s domestic thriller series, The Belle Âme Chronicles, the Washingtons just wanted to find their missing cousin. They wound up committing a murder. Someone knows the truth and wants them dead.

1) Down The River (available now!!) | LEARN MORE
2) Reaper’s Creek (available now!!) | LEARN MORE
3) Beneath A Mountain Moon (available now!!) | LEARN MORE
4) Georgia Wants To Play (available now!!) | LEARN MORE
5) Studies In Mischief (coming soon!) | LEARN MORE
6) If I Should Die (coming soon!)
7) Pretty Little Monsters (coming soon!)

Hoodrat Sh!t

Sem Van Dijk is a not-so-hardworking Momma’s Boy who enjoys light snacks and Kanye West songs. When he becomes kidnapped by a gang of Vampires, Sem’s life turns upside down in a matter of minutes. Cyr, the Grand Vampire of the Illusionists, quickly enlists Sem to join the questing business for him in order to find the roots and herbs necessary to make a special medicine, and Sem has no choice but to play along.

1) Hoodrat Sh!t: Vol. 1 (available now!!) | LEARN MORE
2) Hoodrat Sh!t: Vol. 2 (coming soon!)
3) Hoodrat Sh!t: Vol. 3 (coming soon!)

The Marleigh Markson Series

Author’s Note: The Marleigh Markson series is originally published in novella form in the Autumn of each year within the Ytherynia Anthology for that particular school year. Each Anthology features accompanying stories by many other authors such as Marsha Black and Maria Vermisoglou.

The longer form of each Marleigh Markson book will be published in full novel form in the Spring of each year (so 3 months after the exclusive Anthology release).

1) The Awakening Of Marleigh Markson (anthology version | full novel | LEARN MORE)

Nonfiction Works


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