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Angela Nicole Chu

Bestselling Author of Suspense Romance & Paranormal Romance
Co-host of Bananas Toast Podcast and Creepypasta Palooza
Cool mom friend 🙂


Murder. Romance. Hippies. Deception. Family. In bestselling author Angela Nicole Chu’s romantic suspense thriller series, The Belle Âme Chronicles, the Washingtons just wanted to find their missing cousin. They wound up committing a murder. Someone knows the truth and wants them dead.

When Duchess Persephone is accused of murdering her betrothed, she flees from her kingdom of Carcassonne with the help of a strange, nude woman that she meets in the woods. Persephone (alias, “Pippa”) arrives in Villeurbanne and finds that the underground city is filled with vampires! Realizing that both Princess Elisabeta and Prince Vulpes have their eye on her, Pippa must decide whether to stay the course and become a vampire’s bride, or to return to her hometown and face the music.

Following her untimely death, Marleigh Markson enlists in Gifted Blood Academy on a full-ride scholarship. But Marleigh and her new friends, Ebony Way and PJ Stanley, uncover that students are going missing, which the administration fails to report. A horrific apparition begins stalking Marleigh, and she realizes it’s up to her to save her classmates.