Graduate School, Ahoy!!

My journey to graduate school has been an interesting one.

I went into university straight from high school, unsure of what I wanted to really do. I began as a Computer Science major (since someone had told me it would be predominately website programming) and switched to a Writing & Media Communications major shortly before sophomore year. I was adamant that I did not want to go to graduate school until some point during my junior year, which something in my brain snapped. A few friends and I hatched this barbaric idea to uproot ourselves and travel to San Francisco, California to go to grad school together beginning January 2013.

Well, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in December 2012, and we were all broke as a joke and had abandoned that idea months before. I don’t really consider it a regret, and it is nothing that I would even entertain the thought of at this stage in life (Cali is too busy, and I hate traffic).

Seeing as I had started my schooling at age 3 and graduated from undergrad at age 22, I felt I needed a well-deserved break before beginning my graduate degree. The original plan was to take a year off, but seeing as many things in my life had unraveled by Fall 2013 (the joys of adulthood) that became a negative once more. Luckily, by this past February, I had gotten my shit back together to the extent that I decided to finally apply for my Master’s.

I applied to Full Sail University, my top choice since they have an excellent Creative Writing MA program and online classes. With the way I work, there is absolutely no way I could even attempt in-school classes. Online classes worked beautifully for my nutrition certifications, so I feel this is the best way to go to get my MA. Surprise, surprise, I was accepted, and I planned to begin my Master’s in August 2016.

Oops, that’s almost here, huh?

Yeah, it snuck up on me, too. And my brain just isn’t ready. Mainly because it snuck up on me. After speaking with their student advisor (you are awesome, Ms. Lopez!), I can now confirm that I will begin my program in November 2016, which will give me time to figure out financial aid and such. Yes, I could have gotten another undergrad degree in the time between my graduation and the start of my graduate program, but such is life. Needless to say, my parents and grandparents are quite excited and proud of me 😀

I would love to teach at a college level, and I know a Master’s will be required for that. I would love to teach at my undergrad alma mater, Bellarmine University, and I’ll be pulling out all the stops in a few years to try to achieve that. But for now, I am getting back in the habit of writing everyday (something that has slacked off since Lettuce Prey was finished and released earlier this year) so that I am prepared for my classes.

I loved my 300 and 400 level writing classes in undergrad, so I am excited to see what the 500 and 600 level classes have in store for me! I learned so much from those classes, and it definitely reflects in the maturity and writing style between my first novel and my second. Here’s to becoming Professor Chu some day ^^

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