Pokémon Hallucinations??

It’s time for honesty hour, y’all.

I have about 6100 friends/followers combined between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For the past two weeks, I have seen nothing but love and support for the new Pokémon Go game (and, of course, playful team banter between Mystic, Instinct, and Valor). However, on all three platforms, I also see numerous posts each day chastising cranky, old people for insinuating that Pokémon Trainers cannot also be intelligent, educated adults with jobs.

The strange thing?

I have yet to see any ORIGINAL posts featuring someone actually calling out Pokémon Go for the reasons listed above. Not a one. I just see the gripes and not the original hate. Why is that? Normally, you have a few who slip in-between the cracks, like someone’s relatives who can’t help but to speak their minds on your posts. But, nothing.

Perhaps it’s because I’m considerate of who I add on social media despite the high numbers. I use social media as an escape, and the last thing I want to see is people sparring over world events and sjw hullabaloo all over my wall. Therefore, there are certain types of people that I seek out to add on social media, and certain types who remain in the “friend request pending” pool until they time out or annoy me enough to delete the request. So maybe that explains the overwhelming Pokémon love I’ve been seeing. And that’s a great thing! 😀 But it’s still odd. So very odd.

So, let me throw it out to you, dear readers. Do y’all REALLY have all of these people with their panties twisted over Pokémon Go on your feeds?? 😮

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