Renaissance Faire Fun!!

Princess Chu, at your service! 😀

Today, I went to my first Renaissance Faire 🙂

I know what you’re thinking…how?? Yes, I know that it seems like Ren Faires should have been waaay up my alley years ago, but due to the general mayhem that summer month scheduling causes me I was never able to make it to one! That all changed today though.

Mel and Tim decided to head out today weather permitting, and they invited my boyfriend Zach, our roommate Charlie, and myself to accompany them. Due to having a party last night, Zach declined so he could de-socialize some, but Charlie and I were still up to the fun.

Thanks to the party, I rolled out of bed around 0130pm. Charlie was sitting at his computer and hadn’t been up for much longer. I took a quick shower, did my makeup, and attempted to get dressed. I was going to wear a pretty new green corset, but I completely screwed up the lacing and rage-quit the process, opting for a black cami and green skirt instead. That’s the only trouble with living with guys: no assistance with lady clothes.

Our Ren Faire crew from today! (l-r, Sarah, me, Mel, Sir Charlie, Lady Charlie, Tim)
Our Ren Faire crew from today! (l-r, Sarah, me, Mel, Sir Charlie, Lady Charlie, Tim)

It had been raining all night but let up right as we left (yay!) We drove about 45 minutes out of town until we arrived. The ground was very muddy, so we were happy we chose to wear leather boots. We also had no cash, so we were happy that ATMs existed in the Renaissance era 😛

We quickly ran into Mel and Tim, and discovered that Mel had convinced Tim to don a gypsy outfit. The gypsy running the little shop did her best to teach him some moves.

Tim's hips don't lie.
Tim’s hips don’t lie.

Sadly, he declined purchasing the outfit.

Mel and Tim had brought a friend with them, also named Charlie! From here on out, we had to refer to them as “Lady Charlie” and “Sir Charlie” to eliminate the confusion factor.

We found an abandoned food stand named "Charlie's Place", and it was the perfect photo op for the Charlies!
We found an abandoned food stand named “Charlie’s Place”, and it was the perfect photo op for the Charlies!

Our friend Sarah also showed up and joined in on our shenanigans. None of us had eaten yet, so we made a beeline for turkey legs and pickles. After that, we rode in a few fun rides and attended a free concert!

A gentleman was selling “dragon eggs” which allowed you to win prizes. Lady Charlie and I both decided to purchase an egg, and I won two necklaces. I kept one for myself and brought the other home to Zach since he loves dragons!

Many photo ops were taken :)
Many photo ops were taken 🙂

All in all, it was a fun, laid-back kind of day with great people 🙂 We all loved it so much that we are all planning to attend again next weekend, and Zach will be joining us this time! Featured here is a link to my full album of photos from today. Hopefully, I continue having some summer availability so I can attend in future years as well!

What about y’all? Have any of you attended any Ren Faires? 🙂

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