#Inktober Incoming!

Like writing, drawing was one of my first loves as a child. Was I the best at it? Nope. But it was fun, soothing, and therapeutic. I was decent!

Writing was a stronger skill, and by middle school it became by primary focus. By high school, even though I was an Art and College Prep double major, writing was my strength by far, and was heavily encouraged by my teachers. In college, I went on to receive a BA in Writing & Media Communications from Bellarmine University 2012. By this point, writing was my main focus, and art was a forgotten skill.

Writing has also been a journey for me, especially creative writing. From age 4 through around age 21, writing was fun and relaxing. I loved sharing my writing with people! Then, I published my first novel at age 21 and well…it read like an 18-year-old’s fanfiction. Because it primarily was. Ouch.

At age 25, I published my second novel, which I love and which reads much better. Still, with it being a sequel, it was hard to promote that book while keeping others from reading (and judging) the first without making it to the second. Bummer.

Currently, I am elbows deep into a completely new (and stress-free!) novel: Accidental Vampire. It is going extremely well, and reads like my second novel. I will be able to promote it fully while brushing my initial novel under the rug for a bit. And while rediscovering my love of creative writing, I started thinking about drawing again.

I stay busy. Extremely busy. To the point where I hardly partake in any hobbies unless they can further my brand and my lifestyle in someway. This isn’t as terrible as it sounds. My creative writing furthers Accidental Vampire, and past and future novels. My research writing furthers my journalism opportunities with NurdMedia and Switcher Studio. Video games allow me to stream to Twitch. But drawing…a quick sketch will suffice, but I usually abandon it in favour of one of the above practices instead.

Then, I rediscovered the #Inktober challenge.

I had first learned of #Inktober last year, but it was while October was already underway. I did two sketches, and that was it. For the past week, something has been calling me to give #Inktober another try, and I believe I’ve figured out a way for it to keep my attention.

#Inktober works as a series of drawing prompts for each of the 31 days in October. The prompts are random, which I think is part of why I pushed it away last year. But why do they have to be random?

I am currently developing a way to connect all 31 prompts to tell a “story”…a glimpse into the lives of a series of characters, told by the prompts. This will add some difficulty to the challenge, but I am absolutely giddy at the thought of being able to pull this off. I can then post the 31 images as a series, likely on here under a new “Art” section.

Is there room for error? Yes. Is there a chance for me to crash and burn entirely? Of course.

But something is telling me to do this. So, I’m going to do this, and try to reclaim my childhood love of drawing.

I’ve posted the prompt for this year’s #Inktober above. Why don’t you all give it a go as well, and we’ll all help and support each other? 🙂

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  1. Inktober sounds super cool. I really like how the prompts aren’t “Draw a Cat.” It’s so…. Up to interpretation and vague. For every person who does the challenge, there’s gonna be a different interpretation and a completely different drawing. That’s super cool! Hope you can keep it up for 3 1 days! 😀 I’m doing a 100 day challenge and gosh. How I wish it were 31 days. My 1 paycheck challenge seems like such a breeze when I consider how it was only 31 days and not 100…. LOL.

    1. I’m hoping that it’ll be tons of fun! I like how original the prompts are, too…it really gives artists free reign for interpretation, and it’ll be fun to see all the variations! There’s only so many different cats you can draw haha

      I’m my fingers for the full 31 days to be successful! I’m going immediately into NaNoWriMo on November 01st for 30 days of writing, so I have a feeling that on December 01st, I’m just going to lay in bed and reeellllaaaaaxxxxx.

      I love seeing your updates on the 100 Days Of Coding Challenge! I hope you rock out with it 😀

  2. I find drawing very therapeutic too! Like you, it was something I loved to do when I was younger, and I recently got back into it. I’ve never done Inktober before, but this year, I think I will! I think it’ll be great practice, though I’m not sure if I’ll use the official prompts. I look forward to seeing what you draw!

    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see what you draw also! This year has been big for me on returning to “old, nostalgic loves” and rekindling old friendships. It’s been really nice, and I’m hoping that InkTober goes well for both of us 😀

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