Don’t Just Get Schwifty. Get THRIFTY!

I understand the need to portray an image on social media. No one posts a picture of themselves looking miserable in bed with messy hair and crusts on your eyes unless it’s for a good reason (either to accompany a humourous caption or to raise awareness for an issue ongoing). You always put your best face forward on social media, no matter what, in order to build your personal brand.

But sometimes, that desire to portray a certain image is just not attainable, nor is it smart. If you can attain great results for less money, then what’s the big deal?

I know so many people who will say, “I refuse to buy clothes from Amazon/Wal-Mart/Target/Ross/etc.”


Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and Ross (and other similar stores like TJ Maxx and Payless ShoeSource) have name-brand, high-value, and downright adorable clothing options. For less.

Yes, these stores all have the stigma of being “cheaper”. Because they are. And your wallet will thank you for it.

Whether you’re saving $1 or $5, money adds up quick. You’ll be surprised at what you can get when you reduce the cost of your haul.

I get complimented often on my wardrobe choices (when it’s not a day where I grabbed the nearest thing on my nightstand). They want to know where I got my jeggings or yoga pants. They love my boots and ask where they came from. They find my shirts adorable and ask how to get their own version.

And so many are shocked to hear where they came from.

I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothing. It’s just not worth it when there are the same options for cheaper. The most expensive article of clothing that I’ve purchased is a bridesmaid’s dress for $170.00. The only article of clothing I will likely ever purchase that costs more is my future wedding dress (the styles I like run around $400-$500). But seeing as many bridesmaid’s dresses go for $300, and many wedding dresses go for $1000+, I guess these figures aren’t so bad.

A shirt should not cost more than $25. Trousers should not cost more than $35. Sneakers should cost no more than $40. Boots should cost no more than $50. To spend more than that is honestly just a waste.

Dude-bro looks good in both shirts. He could buy 10 of the white shirts for 1 of the black shirts. (Or, most likely, two white shirts and two green jackets for the price of the black shirt).

I own boots that were purchased from Payless ShoeSource for $29.99 during their 2013 Christmas sales that are still staples in my closet a full five years later, and they’re cute as hell! I also own boots purchased for $99 for cosplays that left me blistered and tore up within a few conventions. What a waste.

When I hear someone say they’ve spend $400 on a jacket…it’s truly shocking to me. Sooo many things could be purchased with that $400. That’s half of a new iPhone. That’s a wedding dress. That’s two months’ electricity bills. That’s a over a third of my mortgage. When fantastic jackets are listed on Amazon for under $70, to spend $400 just seems like a…waste.

It’s a known fact that higher prices are bad for an economy. Everyone wants to walk away with their endorphins screaming that they just got a great deal. Higher prices mean less people shopping, and less frivolous shopping. Events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, and Steam Summer Sale are all enormously successful for a reason: they allow people to save up money in order to spend it in a large chunk on multiple needed items.

Real talk: I am currently running low on my staple body spritzer. It is the scent that I’ve used since I was 12. I am 28 now. I could buy some right now for full price, or I could wait until the holiday season and get it for cheaper. Hmmm… Looks like I’m just gonna conservatively spritz for the next month and a half.

While researching this article, it turns out that Bath & Body Works actually sells their spritzers for $13.00 on while leaving them full-price in the stores. And y’all wonder why I’m an Amazon addict? Looks like I’m stocking up early this year!!!

Lower product cost also typically results in higher sales overall. I worked at Spencer’s Gifts as a manager for the first seven years of my professional life. I would see little Sally Jane turn up her nose that “Ugh, they want $14.99 for a pack of nose rings!” Then, less than a month later, Sally Jane would see our Buy one, get one half-off special on body jewelry and would buy four packs of the nose rings.

Sally Jane is unwilling to get five nose rings for $14.99. Sally Jane is more than happy to get twenty nose rings for $44.97 (full price would have been $59.96). Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

There have been times where I’ve gone to a concert and begrudgingly spent $50 on Band A’s tees; a month later, I’ve gone to another concert and purchased five tees for $20 a pop from Band B. Band B made twice as much money off of me, I have five times as many tees, and I post my haul onto Instagram to advertise for Band B. Everyone wins!

Note: Serious props to Incubus, 30 Seconds To Mars, Andrew W.K., MSI, Trapt, Judah & The Lion, and Chevelle for consistently keeping your prices low! I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $30 on a tee or tank from any of those bands. Yes, a few are available, but most of their merch is affordable!

The moral of the story is…no matter how much you love to showboat, don’t let your showboating burn a hole in your pocket. Look for deals. Look for cheaper options. There’s so many great ways to look and feel like a million bucks without actually having to spend a million bucks.

Even if you have the million bucks to spend, why not still purchase the week’s haul of clothes from Target and spend the rest of your money on a yacht and some Lamborghinis (or whatever millionaires are buying these days)?

Look, y’all, I LOVE glitter and sparkles, but this is a damn waste.

Spend wisely. Live wisely. Economy wisely.

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