Harmon Warhol’s Latest Album “Stockton Renegade” Pleases With A Hint Of Nostalgia

Rapper, producer, and videographer Harmon Warhol’s latest album Stockton Renegade recently released to all major music platforms. I took some time with this Californian ball of chill energy to learn more about Stockton Renegade, its influences, and what’s next for Harmon and his company, Rebel Activity.

You can purchase a copy of Harmon Warhol’s Stockton Renegade on iTunes today!

A: First of all, congratulations on the new album! Stockton Renegade is the follow-up to 2018’s Infinity Stones. What did you aim to accomplish with Stockton Renegade that differs from Infinity Stones?
H: Thank you. I just want the new one to sound better than the last one. I made some of the songs while I made Infinity Stones. Its called Stockton Renegade because I moved back to STOCKTON about 4 years ago and I drive a Jeep RENEGADE.

A: Let’s give our readers a chance to learn more about Harmon Warhol. Tell me a little about yourself and what helped to birth your love of music and creation.
H: I am Harmon Warhol, Rapper, Podcaster, and Master of Energy. I’ve always expressed myself in different art forms. It’s actually not until graduating college that I realized I want to take music and video seriously. I’d rather invest in my own products and ideas.

A: The album opens up with “Menace 2 Sobriety”, which has a great 90s rap feel to it. I take it–being a fellow 90s kid–that this genre of music had a large impact on you growing up?
H: Menace 2 Sobriety is paying homage to 90’s pop culture in general.  From the references of “Friday” or the Suge & 2pac, Steve Spiffler & I painted what we thought that was. Kriss Liss gave me a west coast vibe because I’m from the west coast. The song was also made 6 years ago. 

A: What is your creative process normally like for a new song, or even a new album? Like your start-to-finish route?
H: I used to write rhymes before the beat, but now the beat dictates the feeling and the concept of the song usually. Then I write whatever words come to mind for that particular topic and then cut out all the fat. As for a project, I will make songs for a certain amount of months until I start looking back and seeing if I have something for a project. For my next project on the sneak tip, Yuck Nasty sent me a pack of beats, and that pack is the next project.

A: There are many great collaborations on Stockton Renegade‘s tracks. Who were some of the artists that you planned to collaborate with, and who turned out to be a surprise?
H: Everyone is honestly a surprise. I made songs without a second verse and just showed them to my friends I rap with.

A: Which collaboration on the album is your favourite?
H: To make it easy on myself, I will say the one with Dialect 🙂

A: Fellow artist D0mino-a-g0-g0–who just released an album of her own in January 2019–produced many of the tracks on Stockton Renegade. This isn’t the first time you two have worked together. How did you meet D0min0, and what is it like working with her?
H: I met D0min0 in the dorms at college. She helped me record some of my first songs. We always kept in touch and our creative chemistry & friendship grew from there. D0min0 & I are blessed to be working with each other because we can fail in front of each other. We are super encouraging and supportive in each other’s ambitions.

A: You made the wise decision to place Stockton Renegade on multiple music websites, so a wide range of listeners could enjoy your album. Which platform seems to be performing the best in terms of listens?
H: iTunes slash Apple. People who support me usually buy the album from there.

A: A lot of your current energy is focused around your label, Rebel Activity. What are your plans for Rebel Activity at this time?
H: Rebel Activity is about pushing the next guy up when they have a product for the table. Yuck Nasty just released his project, and that’s what we are promoting now. I believe I am next up again with an EP, and then Dialect comes out with an album.

A: There’s a little something called the “Harmon Warhol Show”, with episodes featuring great artists and even your mom! Tell me a little bit about the show.
H: THA HARMON WARHOL SHOW is my podcast that I produce and release every Sunday on YouTube. THA HARMON WARHOL SHOW was just an idea, and now it has gotten bigger than I thought. I can’t wait until I have the same guests on more than twice so, so we can talk about life instead of more of themselves. I want to introduce a bunch of people to the world, as well as to myself. I wanted to create a platform and product for me, my guests, and my viewers to enjoy.

A: Whenever I find an album that I love, I can’t wait to see it performed live. There’s just something special about live music… Any hopes for a Harmon Warhol tour in the future?
H: Once Dialect and I finish our next projects, there will be talks of a tour. Besides Northern California, I would want to hit up Los Angeles and Louisville.

A: What does the rest of 2019 look like for Harmon Warhol?
H: I really don’t know. I’m just getting better and look forward to what I create in music or videos. Building the brands of Rebel Activity and Harmon Warhol are my only concerns. I always looked at success in entertainment as STRICTLY God-given, but then I realized a lot of people work hard. That thought alone keeps me creating because you can get better by fucking up and giving a fuck about it to fix it.  

A: Where are the best places for our readers to learn more about you and about Rebel Activity?
H: All you need to do is type in Harmon Warhol on google and all my content pops up. The link on my Instagram is updated with the newest content.

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