REVIEW: Restless: Living With Chaos

Restless: Living With Chaos is a great debut poetry collection by author Dandy Serenity. It gives us an in-depth look into the mind of the author as she navigates through major milestones in life: graduations, relationships, parental divorce, career path shifts, and everyday shenanigans. Dandy Serenity is open about mental illness in this book, and “Restless” serves as a look into what her daily life is truly like.

Now, now, full-disclosure…I’ve known Serenity for over half of my life, as we went to the same high school and quickly became writing buddies and close friends. In the (gulp!) 15 years that have followed, we’ve remained close, to the extent that she even designed a cover for me upon the release of Bad Con Adventures.

However, I have tried to avoid letting our friendship influence this review, despite what some naysayers may try to claim. In fact, this book actually gave me a greater insight into the mind of someone who I’ve known for so long.

Restless is open and honest. It doesn’t shy away from the stream-of-consciousness thoughts that often run through Serenity’s head, and it displays her fears, victories, worries, and accomplishments in a completely raw fashion. You sympathize with her. You drop your mouth in awe. You nod understandably. It’s that kind of text.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon 🙂

At a mere 48-pages in length, Restless is definitely a rainy-day kind of book. I finished it in one sitting in just a matter of hours. I know what sort of fiction Serenity has bubbling up, and I look forward to seeing what other books she will be releasing down the pipeline. In the meantime, do yourself a favour, and check out Restless: Living With Chaos.

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