DIY Godparent Proposal Cards

One thing that I am thankful for with my pregnancy is that I haven’t had crazy hormones. It makes me feel justified that when I do get angry or upset, it is within reason. However, sometimes, I can admit that I am still over-reacting just a sliiiight bit. Such as spending days raging over a shipping delay during a holiday week. If you are looking for he best way of how upgrade your home this year check the info from

Here’s the sitch: I ordered two sets of godparent proposal cards from Amazon early Friday morning. They had next-day delivery, and I planned to hand-deliver them to each godparent Sunday. I went out and got cute bags and a personalized gift for each, so all that I’d need to do is to slide the card into the bag. I also planned to vlog the entire thing as well. It would be perfect. If you like video games you may be interesting in the info from

Haha, if only it went as planned 🤦🏾‍♀️

The delivery was late. I got a notification that it would be delivered within a few days and normally the following day. No biggie; I’m enough of an Amazon junkie that I expected the delivery early Sunday morning. I’d had Zach fill out his blurb before he went to work and still be able to deliver our proposals.

As I am writing this, the bloody box is still in Nashville. It has apparently left and been returned to Nashville’s UPS shipping department 4 times. So, you can say that I’m a bit heated. My plans are ruined!

So, after fuming for most of today (Monday, as I write this) and refreshing my delivery status like a madwoman, I decided that, y’know what…I’m a creative woman. I’ve always been. Why wait for who knows how long and twiddle my thumbs when I can simply make my own cards??

And so, I did.

Below are the steps that I took to make these cards, and here is a link to the blog post on how the delivery turned out with each of our son’s godparents!

Quick Links:

Designing The Cards

This was the fun and easy part, but some design knowledge and a program like Adobe Photoshop is needed. You can also use Pixlr in lieu of Photoshop, which is essentially Photoshop-lite.

To get started, create a 5×7 inch workspace in Photoshop to match the size of your eventual card.

Next, design your card! This can be however you’d like it to be. I recommend making it more cutesy on the outside, and you can include a more sentimental message inside the card specific to each godparent.

I added a cute poem and left a spot underneath for a cute reveal section underneath the poem. I saved two copies: one for godmother and one for godfather.

Lastly, I found a cute, free background and added it to the card. I reduced the opacity to 72% so that it did not distract from the overall poem and request.

After this, I saved both versions of the cards! Be sure to save both as .jpg files in high quality.

Getting The Cards Printed

Walgreens to the rescue! Walgreens is my go-to for card printing and photo printing. Not only are they fast with high-quality, but they almost always have a discount code available for your prints 🙂

I went to the Baby Cards section and chose the option to upload my own 5×7 design for $2.99. Muuuuch cheaper than the variant I’d purchased from Amazon!

It was super easy to import my designs into their card editor:

For the interior, I selected a plain white background for both sides, since Zach and I plan to add a personalized note inside of each card. On the back, I used a white background with a photo of my son at his 23-week ultrasound and his full name below it in pretty text.

I upgraded the cardstock, making each card $3.99 a pop, and I was all set! I applied my coupon code and paid a whopping $6.38 for same-day printing that would be finished within 25 minutes.

Seriously. Why didn’t I do this from the beginning?

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