Choosing Our Son’s Godparents

Zach and I decided on our son’s godparents fairly early into the pregnancy, but we didn’t want to ask too early. Apparently, this timing is all based on personal preference anyway. Improving your gaming skills may seem like an impossible task when you are a new player, but you can get this with the advises of the professional from

Some websites we looked at suggested the sooner the better, while others recommended waiting until your child was around 3 months old. We decided to ask around the time I started my third trimester, as that seemed like a good timing to us. Two weeks prior to this landmark was Thanksgiving, so we chose to bump up the proposals to fit in with this week of gratuity. If you are experiencing poor quality graphics, then consider upgrading your graphics card. That way you can make the most out of your favorite games such as CoD, for example. And if you are struggling a little, you can always try some secret tricks, like this Black Ops Cold War Hacks guide that, along with a better graphics card, it will take your game experience to another level.

When it came down to how many godparents, that also seemed to be based on personal preference. Some people we know have two, others none, some five. The Internet told us that anywhere between one and nine was acceptable, so we went with two women and two men…all of whom have become treasured friends of ours of more than a decade.

Our son has two wonderful aunts and two wonderful uncles from Zach’s family, and we felt that these four individuals would also accent the family well…creating a loving, intelligent, and moral circle of influence to ensure that my son grows up to be the best, like no one ever was.

Each of the four was to receive a special gift and a personalized card. I wound up personally designing the cards thanks to a shipping fiasco that I outlined in this blog post, and they turned out great! In hindsight, it was a blessing that my cards arrived late because the ones I designed were even more personal, so my annoyance became a win-win 🙂

Three out of four of the proposals are featured in my Betterish Vlog below, and I will also introduce you all to each of the four in text-form following that!

Emma “Lee”

Lee is a pastry chef, prop-designer, and cosplayer, as well as my little sister! You can follow her on Instagram HERE💖

Anyone who’s watched my social media for long enough knows that Lee and I are essentially sisters. Five years my junior, we originally met at the same elementary school, and then we met again years later when she was a preteen who began shopping at my retail store when I was a senior in high school. She eventually grew older and became my associate at that store…as well as my best friend.

We are both only children, and I think that helped our sisterly relationship grow. My mother and her father have accepted this and welcome us as respective additional members of the family, while my father and her mother straight-up refer to us both as their daughters!

Not only is she my partner-in-crime, my confidant, my business mate, my BFFL, my Matron-Of-Honour (and I was her MOH as well), and many other descriptors that I could name, but she thrives around children. She is one of the few people that I feel comfortable leaving my son with, and seeing how committed she already is in regards to teaching him life skills and culinary skills makes this decision a no-brainer.


Crissy is a seamstress, cosplayer, and mommy, as well as the person who most accurately mirrors my brain. You can follow her on Instagram HERE 💖

My other Matron-Of-Honour, another of my closest confidants, my bestie, my magical girl partner, and one helluva great mother already, Crissy was also a no-brainer for godmother to my baby boy. She’s been in my life for a decade now and is a walking-distance neighbour (we even bought our homes at the same time!). I am also super close to her husband, son, and adorable fluffy dog, so it’s a family affair for sure 🙂

Crissy has already been a huge help to Zach and I throughout this pregnancy, helping us with any questions we have, and supporting us along the way. She was the first person I showed my positive test to, with Lee following a minute later!

Crissy is one of the other few people I am comfortable enough to leave my son with without me having a day of anxiety, and I can’t wait to watch her nurture my boy and watch our sons grow up together. Fun fact: Her son is a March baby, too! Double the parties, double the fun!


Tony is a programming developer, fitness trainer, minister, photographer, and cosplayer, as well as my male clone! You can follow him on Instagram HERE💖

Tony was one of the first friends that I met as an incoming freshman to Bellarmine University waaay back in 2008. He was an upperclassman who wandered past my table with a Sonic The Hedgehog hat on his head while I mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh. He did a 180, legit sat down at my table, and said, “…did you just say Yu-Gi-Oh?”

From there, we proceeded to keep showing up at the same events somehow. The 18-year-old goth weeb and the 24-year-old fitness weeb. We would lock eyes and go “YOU?!” in hilarious fashion, even legitimately on random vacations out of town! As such, we quickly became friends.

Tony has become a strong role model in my life as a successful man of colour who also embraces his nerdy side. He also helped to motivate me to see the land of the #FitFam and has applauded my accolades (especially my determination to stay fit while pregnant!) As such, he describes me as Nega-Tony, his female alter ego, especially now that I am 30 and not the random goth child crashing his parties all the time😂 And when I think of a strong male role model for my son–other than his own father, uncles, and grandparents of course–, Tony is a must!


Jason is a forklift operator, minister, and cosplayer low-key, as well as Lee’s big brother and Zach’s best friend. He sadly does not have an Instagram😭

I met Jason around the same time that I met Tony and re-met Lee. He is Lee’s older brother, as well as a minister! Fun fact: he was the minister that wed Lee and her husband, as well as me and Zach 🙂 I would go to Lee’s house after classes in 2008, and Jason would be there. I’d then go to some random event in town, and Jason would be there beside Tony. It’s funny how the world works!

Jason is Zach’s best friend (or “Buddddddieeeeeee!”, as they call each other) and another great influence in my life. While my life is normally some degree of chaos, Jason is a master of stopping me when I am too wound up or threatening world-destruction and will calmly say, “Is it your problem? Is it really your problem? Then, relax and step to the side, because it is not your problem.” And, you know what? It’s good to separate from the fray sometimes. He then supplies me with donuts and pretzels, which is wonderous.

I have no clue who is going to perform the godparent ceremony now because Jason and Tony (the two ministers I know) are both godfathers. Maybe they can just do it anyway😂 But I can’t imagine my son not being able to have a “Godfather Bear” in his life to show him the quiet side of things, keep up up-to-date with comics and game news, and teach him the ways of the wrestling world!

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