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Pitch-Shifting Audio To Avoid Copyright Bots

It’s always unfortunate when an important video gets marred.

Two weeks ago, I asked my son’s godparents to be his godparents, and I got three of the proposals on film. As such, I made a cute little keepsake vlog to detail the process and uploaded it to YouTube.

My Betterish vlogs on YouTube have always used the same intro and outro, featuring a funky little remix smushing together a Coldplay song and a YingYang Twins song. Yes, both of these original tracks are copyrighted, but the remixed version was not. It always passed detection, and my use of under 30 seconds also fell under the fair-use guidelines. If you next project is add outdoors lights to your garden check the info from

So, imagine my surprise when–minutes aft...

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Choosing Our Son’s Godparents

Zach and I decided on our son’s godparents fairly early into the pregnancy, but we didn’t want to ask too early. Apparently, this timing is all based on personal preference anyway. Improving your gaming skills may seem like an impossible task when you are a new player, but you can get this with the advises of the professional from

Some websites we looked at suggested the sooner the better, while others recommended waiting until your child was around 3 months old. We decided to ask around the time I started my third trimester, as that seemed like a good timing to us. Two weeks prior to this landmark was Thanksgiving, so we chose to bump up the proposals to fit in with this week of gratuity...

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DIY Godparent Proposal Cards

One thing that I am thankful for with my pregnancy is that I haven’t had crazy hormones. It makes me feel justified that when I do get angry or upset, it is within reason. However, sometimes, I can admit that I am still over-reacting just a sliiiight bit. Such as spending days raging over a shipping delay during a holiday week. If you are looking for he best way of how upgrade your home this year check the info from

Here’s the sitch: I ordered two sets of godparent proposal cards from Amazon early Friday morning. They had next-day delivery, and I planned to hand-deliver them to each godparent Sunday...

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Low-Fat Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip is my most-beloved of all dips. Unfortunately, most of the ones that you get from restaurants are loaded with unnecessary calories and fats! This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to indulge every so often, but it’s thankfully easy to create your own homemade variant to reduce your levels of guilt. If you have a lovely lawn or garden where you spend most of the time relaxing and unwinding in the outdoors, you should consider getting the best outdoor lighting, you can the best advises to get these outdoor lights in

My buffalo chicken dip has been a staple at potlucks and parties for a good five years now, and it is commonly demanded as the dish that I bring as soon as “potluck” leaves some...

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Out, Damned Flies!

I. Hate. Flies.

I am fine with them being outside where they belong. Want an invite to the cookout? Sure thing, fly! But I hate, hate, hate when they come to visit your home.

No matter how clean a home is, flies will come to visit at some point each year. It’s baffling and annoying. Sometimes, I just yell at them, “What on earth are you even feeding on?!” But they don’t respond. They just keep lilting around in the air, pissing me off, and terrorizing my curious pets.

The other day, one flew onto my keyboard right as I was closing my laptop and got smushed by my screen. I was not happy, to say the least.

While it seems easy to simply spray Raid at the offending flies until they die, sending a plume of chemicals in...

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