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Angela Nicole Chu (known online as "TheAngieChu") is a 28-year-old ENFP-A type that enjoys experiencing the finer side of life. She is a bestselling author and journalist from Louisville, KY, where she resides with her boyfriend, their puppy, and their three cats. Her latest novel, "Down The River", was released on May 17th, 2018. You can find her on most social media platforms @TheAngieChu. Peace☮

Resistance Training = Injury Rehabilitation

When nursing an injury, rest is crucial. Continuing to overuse the afflicted limb or body part just leads to more damage incurred. While becoming temporarily disabled is a pain, it… Read more »

The Starving Kids In Africa And Your Expanding Midsection

“You’d better finish your plate! There’s starving kids in Africa going hungry tonight while you’re trying not to eat your vegetables.” We’ve all heard this before. My mother said this… Read more »