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Adventures In Minimalism: iOS App Deletion

Something that I have been trying to do since purchasing a house in March 2018 is to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. This is very difficult for me, as the only child of a pack-rat and very generous parents and grandparents, but in an attempt not to junk up the house, this is a necessary evil.

…And oddly satisfying!

Part of the minimalism push was watching my long-time blogging buddy, Georgie Luhur, do the same thing in her life. Georgie is awesome, so definitely give her some love <3

Today, I decided to go more minimalistic in regards to my iPhone 7. I have been an iPhone user since July 2009 and love them dearly. However, in recent years with such a large amount of storage space on my current iPhone, I have gone crazy with my apps somehow...

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When A “Temp Job” Changes Your Life…

Today is September 20th, 2017. Today marks ten years since I accepted a position at Spencer’s Gifts in my local mall. And with no over-dramaticism in effect, that job truly paved the way for my current life.

My first job was at GameStop, which I got as a 16-year-old in March 2017. It was fun, but the hours weren’t consistent, and so I decided to get a second job for some extra spending money. I originally wanted to work at Hot Topic, since I personally knew their store manager, but she informed me that no positions were open at the time. Instead of leaving me hanging, she recommended that I try out Spencer’s instead.

I’d actually never been into a Spencer’s until that day, but I decided to give it a shot...

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Back To Blogging & A Photo Of My Cat

This year has been about a lot of “getting back to” endeavours just far. Looking back in the past few years, I missed how things used to be, with having time to work on my own projects through the end of college. Then, I had to work two jobs for an extended period, which killed my LoL free-time. Then, I got a much better job that was still draining and prevented me from doing what I needed to do.

Still I did my best. I finally released my second novel earlier this year. I released my second film. Things were going well.

Then, my dream job literally fell into my lap this past September. I get to write, make videos, and design websites for a living in a very chill environment. I get to listen to Pandora for most of the work day while doing my own thing...

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