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Oh Deary Me, It’s 2017 Already??

The official cast of the upcoming Ketchup Brain!

Y’all. I promise I’m trying to get the hang of this consistent blogging thing. But with the holiday season, that all went out the window for a bit. As I hope everyone has realized, it is now 2017, and that makes me soooo excited! Ketchup Brain, the zombie thriller screenplay that I wrote back in 2011…

Back To Blogging & A Photo Of My Cat


This year has been about a lot of “getting back to” endeavours just far. Looking back in the past few years, I missed how things used to be, with having time to work on my own projects through the end of college. Then, I had to work two jobs for an extended period, which killed…

Graduate School, Ahoy!!


My journey to graduate school has been an interesting one. I went into university straight from high school, unsure of what I wanted to really do. I began as a Computer Science major (since someone had told me it would be predominately website programming) and switched to a Writing & Media Communications major shortly before…