All films are produced through my personal production company, Lucky 13 Productions. Unless otherwise stated, all films are scripted, filmed, directed, and produced by me.


My Immortal: The Movie
Release Date: 13th June 2015
Premiere: Owensboro, Kentucky – OMGCon
Written By: Tara Gilesbie (2007)/Angela Nicole Chu (2014)
Directed By: Angela Nicole Chu, Lee Morris, Matthew “Captain Diesel Dick” Thompson
Produced By: Angela Nicole Chu, Lee Morris

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way isn’t the smartest seventeen-year-old. She’s also not the most clean-mouthed. Or the tallest. But young Ebony IS a witch, as well as a vampire! And she wants to make sure everyone knows about it!

Join Ebony in a quest to save her magical school of Cowboils School Of WitchCraft And Vampiredy from the evil Lord MoldyHorse and the pedophilac Professor Snap. Despite all of the obstacles thrown at her by the drunken HeadMaster Dumblydum, Ebony manages to gather her boyfriends Draco Darxxide and Vampire Planter, her best friend Willow, and bandmates B’loody Mary and Diabolo to help thwart evil.

Prepare to laugh. Prepare to rock. Prepare to feel uncomfortable. Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way is saving the town, one goffik quip at a time!

Starring the talents of Lee Morris, Lief Erikson, Brian Kiefer, Samuel Wyrick, Angela Nicole Chu, Dawn Bringer, Timothy Rose, Amaya McKay, Matthew “Captain Dielsel Dick” Thompson, and more! Sit back and watch the world’s most Awesomely Bad FanFic be brought to life as only Lucky 13 Productions could! It’s fun for the entire family!


My Immortal 2: Ebony’s Revenge
Release Date: 11th June 2016
Premiere: Owensboro, Kentucky – OMGCon
Written By: Angela Nicole Chu (2015)
Directed By: Angela Nicole Chu, Lee Morris
Produced By: Angela Nicole Chu, Lee Morris

It’s been six long years since Ebony Way was locked up in a mental institution for attempted murder, and she is ready to return to civilization. Aided by a male (excuse me, plantkin) nun, Ebony escapes from her captures and back into the arms of her long lost friends. But nothing is the same after six years…

Draco, Vampire, Willow, and even Joel Madden have all moved on and put their goffik days far behind them, and Ebony struggles with figuring out her new place in society. Even worse, she soon learns that Lord MoldyHorse is still on the loose, with two new henchmen–Mariska and Katya–out for blood.

Teamed up with Snap, Koopin, Jessi Slaughter, and Detective Jesus Chan, Lord MoldyHorse sets out to recapture Ebony and put an end to her once and for all. Will Ebony be able to convince her former friends that their teenaged melancholy from Cowboils School Of Witchcraft And Vampiredy has followed them into their twenties before it’s too late.

Much laughs. Such rock. All the cringe. Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way is back in action, and this time no one will stand in her way!