Reaper’s Creek

The Belle Âme Chronicles | Book #2


It’s happening again.

Three months after secrets and deception rocked the Washington family, a mysterious postcard and a series of photographs threaten to derail life once more. Some unexpected blackmail locks itself into place, forcing Blythe, Nathalian, Edwin, and Moira to reluctantly dust off their sleuthing hats and head down a new path of pure evil.

The Washington sisters and Johnny all do some sleuthing of their own, and the discovery of Blythe and Edwin’s own deceptions rock the family. Things quickly turn deadly, and it becomes clear that Georgia’s mysterious disappearance is far more sinister than the Washingtons ever thought possible. How far can the Washingtons push their luck before the evil finally bites back?


“I assure you that I’m certain.”
“As certain as what?”
“Just as certain as green as your natural eye colour.”
“…These are contacts.”
The challenger sighed and sat the drink down on the counter. “Dammit…” he muttered as he walked away.
Blythe Washington laughed maniacally, high-fiving her husband as she did so. “Who’s next?!” she challenged, raising her arms triumphantly into the air. “Who wants a go?”
“I think I stand a chance,” announced a younger woman, who barely looked old enough to legally drink. She focused on Nathalian Washington, Blythe’s husband. “I’ll take you on, sir.”
Nathalian’s eyes, heavily glossed over at this point, widened as best as they could while a sly grin crept across his face. “Fair enough,” he agreed. “What’s your name?”
“Alianna.” She reached over and rubbed Nathalian’s arm sensually while grinning from ear-to-ear.
Nathalian chuckled. “So, I guess your challenge is ‘can you fend off my wife’?” he teased, pushing Alianna’s hand away while Blythe looked on curiously.
“Don’t be getting any ideas, honey,” Blythe warned as she sipped on her drink.
“Oh, I could definitely fend her off,” Alianna scoffed, giving Blythe a side-eye, “but that’s not my challenge.”
Blythe gritted her teeth. “Well, once you get done with my husband, I’ve got a challenge for you, too,” she snapped. “It’s called ‘I’m challenging you to a duel’.”
Alianna rolled her eyes and flipped her silky platinum hair over her shoulder. “Someone’s been watching too much Yu-Gi-Oh!…” she muttered, turning her attention back to Nathalian. “Now—”
“I don’t have cards; I have fists,” Blythe informed the bitchy blonde, sliding off her barstool and wobbling her way over to Nathalian’s side, “and you’re about to learn what they do.”
“You know what,” Nathalian said, taking a step back so that Blythe was face-to-face with Alianna. “I’m just going to let you two duke this out. Alianna, sorry about your luck.”
“Trust me,” Alianna said with a smirk. “I’ve got nothing to worry about.”
As Blythe lunged forward to swing at Alianna, the blonde smoothly pulled a gun from her pocket. A pistol. Shiny and black. Neither Blythe nor Nathalian had a chance to react before the bullet was tearing through Blythe’s brain.
“Noooo!!” Nathalian shrieked, staring at Alianna in shock for a brief moment before lunging to the ground.
Blythe stared up at Nathalian, her eyes wide with shock. Her body convulsed slightly as she struggled to speak, but her words all came out mangled and jerky. The bullet had impaled itself neatly into Blythe’s thick mane of hair, staining her dirty-blonde hair with the finest crimson.
“Baby…baby…” Nathalian sobbed, clutching Blythe tightly with one hand as he pressed his other hand against her wound. “It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.”
He looked up to see where Alianna had gone and found himself staring down the barrel of her pistol.
Alianna’s grin had twisted itself up into a maniacal smirk.
“Tell Skaternee that I said hello.”