Beneath A Mountain Moon

The Belle Âme Chronicles | Book #3


The disastrous events of the Carnival continue to plague the Washington family as the weeks go by. The discovery of a new family member divides the Washingtons and causes strain on top of their latest assortment of ailments and afflictions. With Edwin and Moira starting to pull themselves away from the madness, Nathalian has no choice but to bring in Jaxyn to help with the sleuthing.

A host of new additions to the Washingtons’ lives make it difficult to know whom to fear and whom to trust. The sudden abduction of a beloved family member, the discovery of a new corpse, and the appearance of a medical emergency all throw things into hyperdrive and send the family into true chaos.

As the (mostly) fearless Jaxyn makes sleuthing her obsession, can the other Washingtons work with her to finally solve the mysteries of Belle Âme, or will things continue to get worse before they can get better?


“Who are you?” Blythe Washington asked again, her big green eyes baring into the soul of her captive.

Brother-in-law Edwin Washington continued to pin their captive to the cave’s floor, refusing to let her escape again. Both Blythe and Edwin endured a multitude of shoves and punches in order to finally capture the woman. Hopefully, they were that much closer to finding their answers.

Trapped on the ground lay a woman who greatly resembled Georgia Komanduri, the thirty-eight-year-old who had mysteriously gone missing two years prior.

Blythe’s cousin.

Edwin’s lover.

The lack of scarring on her forearm and her insistence of innocence were the only two things allowing Blythe and Edwin to accept that this woman was not Georgia.

But then…who was she?

The woman groaned, relaxing her muscles on the ground for a moment after coming to accept that she was not getting away from Edwin anytime soon. “My name…” she stopped. “No. You first. Who are you guys, and what do you want with me? Why do you keep calling me ‘Georgia’?”

Edwin and Blythe exchanged a glance. “You’re the one who looks like my bitch of a cousin,” Blythe insisted. “Go.”

The woman conceded to not having the upper hand. “My name is Sienna,” she revealed. “Not Georgia.”

“Do you know Georgia?” Edwin asked.




“Skaternee,” Blythe added.

“No, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Sienna tried to push Edwin away once more, but it was no use. She was out of energy. “Will you please just get off of me!”

“My cousin Georgia went missing two years ago,” Blythe said, kneeling closer to observe Sienna’s complexion. “She could be your twin.”

“Well, she’s not.”

Blythe crossed her arms over her chest, a scowl buried deep on her face. “I don’t buy it,” she decided.

Sienna managed to wrench her arm away from Edwin’s grasp and draw her hand back, but Blythe was quicker and pushed the arm to the ground. “Don’t you dare.”

“Go to hell.”

“Look,” Edwin reasoned, his body trembling as his nerves pulsed in overdrive, “let’s make a deal. If I get off of you, you promise not to run. You sit here and talk to us, and you don’t run.” Seeing the bewildered look in Sienna’s eyes, he added, “Please?”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Sienna snapped. “You kidnapped me, and now you want me to have a kum-bah-yah with you? What kind of—”

“Were you adopted?” Blythe interjected. She glared down at Sienna, feeling the woman’s veins pulse against the palm of her hand. “If you are not absolutely positive that your parents are your biological parents, then you owe us this.”

“I don’t owe you shit—”

“Please?” Edwin begged again, placing a hand on Sienna’s arm, gently this time. “Please. We need answers.”

Sienna glared at the ceiling of the cave. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t owe you anything,” she said, slowly reopening her eyes. “I am doing this so that you guys stop trying to kill me.”

“We’re not trying to kill you. We’re trying to make sure that you’re not trying to kill us.” Blythe glanced around the cave for any other signs of life, checking for any other enemies waiting in the wings before she could be made a victim once more.

Edwin stared at Sienna, staring into the deep green eyes that were so familiar yet so foreign all at once. “Don’t. Run,” he said, slowly shifting his weight off of Sienna’s body and freeing the woman.

Sienna stared back at Edwin, watching the man cautiously as she slowly slid her body from underneath his and pushed herself into a seated position against the hard, natural wall. She scowled and wrapped her arms around herself, shivering in her cold, wet clothing. “What do you want?”

Blythe scooted closer to Sienna, sitting beside Edwin in the cave. “Your name is Sienna,” she said. “Sienna what?”

“Sienna Golightly.”


Sienna sighed and reached into her pocket, pulling out her wallet. She silently plucked her ID from its holder and held it out for her captors to see. “It’s my name.”

Blythe took the ID and stared at it, using the light from her iPhone’s flashlight to get a better view. “You share a birthday with Georgia,” she remarked. “June 01st, 1980.”

Edwin continued to stare at Sienna, trying to swallow down the feelings bubbling up inside of him. Two years had passed since he last saw Georgia. Now, her doppelganger was sitting three feet away. The same pout. The same mesmerizing eyes. The same thick hair that always hung perfectly no matter the time of the day.

Sienna twitched the corner of her mouth and looked away from Edwin, choosing to grab her ID back from Blythe. “Is he okay?” she asked.

“No,” said Blythe. “And, to be honest, neither am I.” She leaned in closer, taking in the slight differences in Sienna’s body. “You’re not Georgia.”

“I’m not.”