Gifted Blood Academy: Year One

Gifted Blood Academy | Book #1

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Death isn’t the end for Marleigh Markson…

When she’s presented with an opportunity to attend a peculiar school for magical beings, Marleigh decides that being a ghost isn’t the end of her story. She travels to the town of Ytherynia and enlists in Gifted Blood Academy on a full-ride scholarship–hoping to finally reach her dreams of working in tech–, teaming up with the moody Ebony Way and the snoopy PJ Stanley to make the most out of freshman year: take two.

But Marleigh and her new friends soon discover that students are going missing at Gifted Blood Academy, which the administration has failed to report for years. As a horrific apparition begins stalking Marleigh after each abduction, she realizes that she must find the connection between the two events to save her remaining classmates.