Marleigh Markson Series

Author’s Note: The Marleigh Markson series is originally published in novella form in the Autumn of each year within the Ytherynia Anthology for that particular school year. Each Anthology features accompanying stores by many other authors such as Marsha Black and Maria Vermisoglou.

The longer form of each Marleigh Markson book will be published in full novel form in the Spring of each year (so 3 months after the exclusive Anthology release).

Freshman Year: The Awakening Of Marleigh Markson

Death isn’t the end for Marleigh Markson…

When she’s presented with an opportunity to attend a mysterious school for magical beings, Marleigh decides that spending the rest of her life in limbo as a ghost isn’t the end of her story. She is transported to the realm of Ytherynia and enlists in Gifted Blood Academy on a full-ride scholarship to finally reach her dreams of working in tech.

But Marleigh and her new friends quickly realize that students are going missing at Gifted Blood Academy, and the administration has failed to report this for years. When Marleigh begins spotting a horrific apparition following each abduction, she realizes that the two events are related, and that she must determine what the apparition wants from her in order to stop the disappearances.

Novella Released: December 07th, 2020

Full-Length Novel Released: February 2021