Adventures In Minimalism: iOS App Deletion

Something that I have been trying to do since purchasing a house in March 2018 is to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. This is very difficult for me, as the only child of a pack-rat and very generous parents and grandparents, but in an attempt not to junk up the house, this is a necessary evil.

…And oddly satisfying!

Part of the minimalism push was watching my long-time blogging buddy, Georgie Luhur, do the same thing in her life. Georgie is awesome, so definitely give her some love <3

Today, I decided to go more minimalistic in regards to my iPhone 7. I have been an iPhone user since July 2009 and love them dearly. However, in recent years with such a large amount of storage space on my current iPhone, I have gone crazy with my apps somehow. I’m not sure how this happened, but lately, it seems like I have 10 new app updates each day. I rarely update my apps daily, so this has led to me having 60-100 app updates each week.


I decided to check to see how many apps I currently have and to delete the unneeded ones. I plan to upgrade to an iPhone X in a month, and there’s no sense in bogging down a brand-new phone with useless fodder.

To start, I needed to see what I’d be dealing with.

Maybe I should prune this thing more often… Oh yeah, the notifications. I’m a busy person, and NO I am not cleaning out that inbox xD

218 iPhone apps.


To boot, four of these apps aren’t even usable on the current iOS 11. I can’t bring myself to delete Flappy Bird because that shit is a classic, but I’ll be taking care of the other poor blokes.

I currently have four pages of apps. My first page is my most-used apps. All of these are used daily or semi-daily at minimum, so they all get to stay.

The second page is the most daunting. For years, I only had two pages of apps, thank to making several folders on the second app page. I don’t remember when I got to four pages of apps…but I guess this is the problem.

Deleted from page two: GarageBand, iMovie, iTunes U, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iBooks, Tips, Stocks, Xbox, TV, TextPics Free, iTunes Store, RMaker, PocketLife, Waze, News, UploadnRoll, Photo Flipper, PS Express, Image Editor, ProCam, AirBrush, Twitterrific, Watch, Find Friends, Pebble, FMHmobile, Rosy Writer, FamCal, Speedtest, Script, Nonjoro, Oevo, V2, MyChallenge, Toggl Timer, TweetList!, Ipsy, Zen Planner, iFruit, Files, GoodBudget, SongKick, Gorillaz, E!, GetColorBall, Love Live!, Magikarp, Pocket Camp, Ukulele Tuner, Ukulele, Sing True

I’m surprised that Apple allows me to delete base apps now. I literally had a folder called “Apple Fodder” with the apps like Keynote and Stocks that couldn’t be removed only two years ago.

174 apps left.

Deleted from page three: Flexmis, Unfriended, Adobe Scan, Lomograph, Rokumotee, WeChat

I actually really like WeChat, but I’m currently locked out of my account and can’t get back into it, so away it goes!

168 apps left.

Deleted from page four: SimpleContainer, Instacart, AirMEasure, My Account

Not much to be removed from this page.

164 apps left.

So, 54 apps are gone. …This is oddly less than I wanted to delete, and not very gratifying, especially since I now have to reorganize my apps. Time for a second pass!

More Fallen Soldiers: MyFitnessPal, Countdown, Papa John’s, BeyondMenu, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, InstaSave, GIPHY, InstaSaver, Expedia, Ultimate Ears, FedEx, UPS, Sarahah, Cleaner, Twilist, Flikes, Scope Booster, Fiverr, Spectrum TV, Pandora, FreeTube, BUKnights, Pooped, Vine Camera, MakeAMeme+, Patreon, Ebates, Nutrition+, Get Subs, Face, Face2,

133 apps left! 85 gone >:)

I gave it one more pass and can’t find anything else to remove, but I like the way this looks. I rearranged what was in each folder, and now it’s super easy to find what I need! I also freed up 8gb of storage space. My original two iPhones only had 8GB of storage space, so I essentially freed up an iPhone 3Gi’s worth of apps.

I’ll definitely try not to let my app-load go overboard again. I like only having two pages of apps, so I’ll try to make myself a rule that I have to delete an app in order to install a new one if it’s going to push me over the 2-page limit.

What about you guys? Any recent app purges? I’ll be doing more minimalism posts soon, so stay tuned 🙂

The Starving Kids In Africa And Your Expanding Midsection

“You’d better finish your plate! There’s starving kids in Africa going hungry tonight while you’re trying not to eat your vegetables.”

We’ve all heard this before. My mother said this to me. The shows on the telly said this to me. Random parents in the mall’s food court spoke it aloud. From birth, most Americans (and perhaps inhabitants of other countries as well) are conditioned to finish all of the plate on their food, whether they want it or not.

Oftentimes, this notion is used with good intentions. Children often try skipping out of eating their veggies, while still devouring their meat and carbs and screaming for dessert. “Finish your plate” is an exasperated parent’s cry to keep their kid from developing scurvy, while “there’s starving kids in Africa” implants guilt within them for not eating those delicious leaves of spinach.

Fun fact! Broccoli is the only veggie that I won’t eat, so I feel this girl’s pain. Give her some green beans or something, y’all!

However, while this notion may have started with good intentions, it typically leads to bad habits that influence the negative consequences of one’s adult life. Finish your plate! echoes through my head at most meals. Whether I’m full or not. Whether the food tastes good or not. My eyes stare down at the plate and start calculating the spoonfuls in my head:

There’s only five more forkfuls. I know you’re full, but it’s just five forkfuls. That’s barely any compared to how many forkfuls you’ve already had! Come on…into the mouth…THERE you go! Put some water in your mouth, and it’ll help you chew and swallow it down. …GOOD JOB. Okay, now…there’s only four forkfuls now. You’ve got this! That’s barely any compared to how many forkfuls you’ve already had…

It’s just not healthy.

Unhealthy eating habits aren’t exclusive to me and this poor man in the picture. They plague most of us.

Listening to my body is one of the best things I’ve learned to do in my late twenties. My body lets me know when I am dehydrated. When I am hungry. When I need to walk. When I need a Pilates fix. When I need to run. When I need to sleep. When I need veggies. When I need meat. The human body is like a machine, and a caution light comes on in your head whenever a part needs some fixing up.

This is why fad diets and exercises don’t work. They’re not giving the body what it needs, but rather what you think it needs so that you can look like a cover model. And eventually, your body gives up, and you lapse back into your unhealthy habits once more.

Portion control is key, no matter what you eat. Yes, salads are healthy, but if you eat a giant bowl of iceberg lettuce with buttermilk ranch on top, you’re not getting anywhere in life.

What in the ever-loving shit is this?!!?!?!? Why would you do this?!????!?!?!

And that is why “finish your plate” is so damaging. You’re ignoring portion control, and you’re ignoring your body. Your body is saying that it is full–that it has reached the level of fuel required to run through the day–but you are still shoveling more gas into the tank.

Are you overly gassy? Do you have poop problems? Indigestion? Feel like a lard after a meal? You’re finishing your plate.

Stop it.

I know, it’s hard! It is soooo hard, and I struggle with it daily. When I do finish my plate without feeling full, I congratulate myself. I placed the exact right amount of food on the plate, and as a result I was able to finish it without punishing my body.

When I feel full and have to put my plate down, I look sadly at that one forkful of kale left, the two bites of tilapia, the toddler-sized handful of rice. I know that I can still eat that. But I’ll be destroying my body in the process. It’s better to store that plate in the fridge (or get a to-go box from a restaurant) for a later-day snack of what was left on the plate. Knowing this, it’s still a struggle.

Don’t you dare judge me! I’m working on my portion control and didn’t finish this at dinner!

Meanwhile, across the globe, African kids are still starving…which is the other problem with this whole messed up analogy.

Finish your plate because there’s starving kids in Africa.

What we think we’re saying is to feel grateful for what we have.

What we’re really saying is to be as gluttonous as possible with our meals. Rather than taking a couple of bucks and donating money to feed these poor kids, we are shoving the money down our throats to pop a few extra buttons off our trousers.

The Google Image search for “starving kids in Africa” literally turned my stomach and brought tears to my eyes, so enjoy this image of “disadvantaged” students in Liberia with singer Ed Sheeran instead.

There’s starving kids in Africa. There’s also starving kids in our own cities. And dehydrated kids. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water. If you are continuously cooking too much food and overstuffing your plate, shorten your grocery list by a few bucks, and send Flint some water bottles.

Like, seriously. Click this link and send these people some water until the government officials get off their asses and fix the water problem.

Absolutely disgusting in more ways than one.

Bottom line? You take the fuel nozzle out of the car when you hear the click say that your tank is full. Likewise, put your fork down and push your plate aside when your stomach tells you that you are full.

And instead of trivializing starving children for the benefit of the growing obesity crisis, just tell your kids to eat their veggies instead.


**Are you interested in getting your health and fitness together, with all of the team support and none of the pyramid schemes singing in your DMs? Comment below, and I’ll add you to my fitness group today! No hidden issues, just friends and fitness for FREE 🙂

Terry Crews’s Torment, And The Effects Of Toxic Masculinity

October 2017 saw the rise of the #MeToo movement, a hashtag spread across social media to demonstrate the widespread frequency of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Started by Tarana Burke and popularized by Alyssa Milano, the hashtag and accompanying stories were primarily shared by women and more effeminate men.

So, what about masculine-presenting men?

It is easy to hear sexual assault victim and picture a woman, a more effeminate-presenting man, or a child. People heap pity on the survivors, seeing them as “poor things” and inherently “weak” individuals that need protection to prevent further assault. The stereotypes are strong. However, approximately 1 in 6 men are victims of sexual assault. In a room of 100 men, approximately 16-to-17 of them have experienced sexual assault to some degree.

Surely, that statistic does not only apply to effeminate men or men assaulted as children. What about larger men? Stronger men?

Men like Terry Crews?

I mean, seriously. I can’t be the only one who goes “YES!” any time Terry Crews pops up unexpectedly in a movie.

You see, during the wave of #MeToo revelations that set the stages of Hollywood ablaze and tossed chaos into the impending awards season, Terry Crews announced that he, too, is a victim of sexual assault. Despite his size and stature, Crews’s assailant—William Morris Endeavor agent Adam Venit—held power over him. As a high-power agent that producers were protecting, Crews was limited to what he could do.

“The producer of [the Expendables] called my manager and asked him to drop my case in order for me to be in the fourth installment of the movie,” Crews shared in his courtroom testimony on June 26th, 2018. “If I didn’t, there would be trouble.”

Crews ultimately chose to leave the movie installment and pursue his case.

Terry Crews testifying on June 26th, 2018, where he explained in detail the atrocities that befell him by someone he trusted.

“The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand was that he held the power,” reported Crews. “That he was in control.”

Sure sounds like sexual assault to me.

Why didn’t you fight back? People often ask victims of sexual assault, including rape. As someone who unfortunately has close friends that are victims, their responses mirror those shared in news stories and crime shows:

I was afraid he’d kill me. I figured if I laid there and took it, he’d get done and leave me alone.

I didn’t want to lose my job/scholarship. My assailant had power over me.

I couldn’t risk making a scene and losing everything for my family.

In response to these claims, many sexual assault victims are told that they deserved it, that they are weak, or that they are lying. Their assaults are trivialized unless they legitimately mauled their assailant, regardless of the repercussions that would have caused.

While fighting back is the ideal thing to do when being assaulted, it is not always possible. If faced with death as a consequence, would you still fight back?

Crews has another issue on his hands: ridicule. His assault has not only been trivialized, but he is being ridiculed for his admissions.

Celebrities like shot-many-times rapper 50 Cent and accused rapist Russell Simmons have responded to Crews’s allegations with laughing emojis and memes on their social media pages. Despite Crews’s typical Herculean display of strength, admitting to assault without striking his victim has rendered him as “weak” and “emasculated” in the eyes of other men.

Crews has spoken of the shame he suffered post-assault, and how it tormented his thoughts. He has spoken on how the mistreatment of his case is why more men do not come forward when they are assaulted. He has even spoken up and revealed that the reason for not beating the shit out of his assailant was to avoid being labeled as a “big, black thug” and getting blacklisted from an industry that was already protecting his and other sexual predators over their victims.

50 Cent’s insensitive and cruel Instagram post “roasting” Terry Crews. 50 Cent got so much hate on this picture that he deleted the post…but he can’t delete the screenshots…

Let us recall what happened during Crews’s assault: another man held and fondled his genitals for several minutes while reminding Crews of his lack of power.

Now, let’s look at what Crews’s Expendables producer, Avi Lerner, told Crews in regards to his assault:

“I was told over and over that this was not abuse. That this was just a joke. That this was just horseplay. But I can say that one man’s horseplay is another man’s humiliation.”

A joke?


I am all for innocent fun. I think a lot of people in society overreact to many things nowadays. But what Crews is describing is neither a joke nor horseplay.

Jokes are funny phrases or pranks played Jackass style on friends and family.

Horseplay is what adolescent boys do in high school when they chase each other through the school hallways, tackling one another to the ground, and wrestling.

This is horseplay. This is fun. This is not assault. No genitals are being touched.

Fondling someone’s private parts against their will and reminding them of the repercussions of revealing their assault is sexual assault plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if the victim was male or female, young or old, or punched you in your rapist face or not. It is assault.

And while Crews shouldn’t need to explain his reasonings at all, the frequent discrimination against black men, the words of Venit and Lerner, and the blacklisting of Chloe Dykstra by her own assailant are more than enough proof to illustrate that Crews’s concerns were indeed valid.

While we need to be there for all assault victims, male assault victims hold a dear place in my heart. Ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of rape, I have heard people laugh at men who are raped and assaulted. These victims are told that they clearly wanted it, that a woman can’t rape a man, that they’re gay if they let a man rape them, or that they’re gay for not enjoying “good sex”.

For starters: Being gay is not a bad thing. Let’s go ahead and clear up that misconception. It’s 2018; what the hell is wrong with y’all?

Secondly: Anytime someone touches you when you don’t want them to touch you…it’s assault. Regardless of gender.

These are not hard concepts, y’all.

I am pleased to see that many people on my Twitter timeline have sent Terry Crews tweets of encouragement in recent days, assuring him that he is strong, he is a victim, and that he is doing the right thing for himself and for all other victims of assault…especially men.

Take a moment and send Crews kind words to combat the trolls and perpetuators. Support his shows (Brooklyn 99 is excellent!) and his projects. I can only imagine what sort of inner turmoil this poor man is going through, but even one tweet of support can make his day a little bit brighter and help other victims watching to see that they, too, have support.

How To Survive An Anime Convention (Or Any Conference Really)

2018 marks my 10th year of attending anime conventions. My very first was ColossalCon 2008, which ironically fell on my 18th birthday weekend. I’d like to think that I’ve learned a lot over this past decade of shenanigans, mischief, and sometimes outright puzzling situations.

Before ColossalCon 2008, my then-boyfriend advised me that you do not sleep at cons. You do not eat much. You spend tons of money. You drink far more than you should. And you party hard. Most people shared that same sentiment, and that’s how I treated conventions until around 2013.

Five years of torture.

Good grief.

This outlook is not restricted to just anime and gaming conventions. I have heard similar statements from people of all ages at professional conferences as well. “You’re not going to sleep much this weekend!” I am always warned. Yet, somehow, I do.

The party-hard mentality might sound good on paper–looking at yourself from afar like you’re rewatching American Pie or some other frat party comedy–but it’s hard on your body. And it is unnecessary.

The harmful mentalities of not sleeping, not eating, not showering, and maxing out your credit cards for trips needs to stop. Most people who take a more mature approach to conventions and conferences find that they enjoy their time spent there far more, they are able to return home without feeling exhausted and sometimes ill, and they still have money to pay their bills in return.

We know how to have fun AND retain our sanity. Be like us 🙂

This weekend is OMGCon in Owensboro, Kentucky. OMGCon is my favourite convention to attend each year, and it is one of the ones that I am a Featured Guest at each year. I was recently asked by a first-time convention goer for some tips for the weekend, and these are tips that I would also like to share with all of you. Follow them, and achieve true bliss on each of your vacation weekends:

  1. Drink lots of water. I was going to label this “Stay hydrated”, but some of y’all think that means drink sodas, coffee, and alcohol all day. No. Water. WATER. That clear crap that fish swim around in for a living. That funny beverage that pours from your sink faucets. Yes, that stuff. It makes up 70% of your body, it keeps you alive, and it needs to be replenished. Drink cool or cold water throughout the day, especially in warmer environments. Remember: If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. If your pee is yellow, you are already dehydrated. If you take nothing else away from this post, DRINK WATER.
  2. Shower daily. This is non-negotiable. The smells of “con funk” permeate the hallways at any conference, but it is the worst at anime and gaming conventions. Personal hygiene is not a choice. It is a mandatory responsibility. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it allows you to be courteous to those around you. Honestly. Hop in the shower. Use some soap. Towel dry. Feel happy. I shower once each and every day in my daily life, and at a convention–where I am running around all day in cosplay and hugging strangers–a shower is a definite necessity. On the same vein: if your roommates smell funky, feel free to kindly advise them to go wash. Don’t suffer needlessly because of other people’s laziness.
  3. Eat ACTUAL MEALS (not just ramen). Include fruits and veggies in these meals. It’s really not hard. If you are getting a sandwich, place tomatoes and lettuce on the sandwich. Opt for a Greek yogurt instead of potato chips. Grilled over fried. Carrots over fries. Food is fuel, and you need lots of fuel to survive a convention. You wouldn’t fill your car with sludge. Don’t fill your body with it either. Eat a good (not expensive) meal twice daily for best results!
  4. Get a good night’s rest EVERY night. This means getting at least 6 hours of sleep each night (but aim for 8 hours each night). Determine your bedtime well before night hits. Let’s use Sunday checkouts for example. The checkout time at most hotels is 11am. This means that you need to be awake by 10am to wash your face, apply your makeup, put on clothes, and get your belongings out of the room. This means that you should go to bed at 2am the night before. If you are literally having the time of your life, then 4am is the absolute latest that you should be in bed. Basic math. No excuses. Sleep also helps to fight off “con crud”! Most on that later…
  5. Do a full lap around Artist Alley and the Dealer’s Hall BEFORE making any purchases. There are a lot of things to purchase at a convention. Many booths are selling the same items for differing prices. You want the lowest price, right? Do a full lap, and then decide which items you want that fit your budget. For any DVDs or Manga, I also recommend installing the Amazon app on your phone. Most DVDs that go for $50 at a convention are $25 on Amazon. I literally create an Amazon shopping cart while wandering the Dealer’s Hall, make my purchases for far cheaper than I’d spend in person, and my new items are waiting on my doorstep once I get home from the convention. Shop smarter, not harder 🙂
  6. Bring a portable phone battery charger. I highly recommend Anker-brand portable quick-charge batteries, which you can purchase by clicking this sentence. These little babies can charge your phone from zero to hero in less than an hour. My iPhone 7 gets a little more than two full charges from this battery. Charge your Anker battery at night before bed, and any chance you get. Then, while you are running around, you can recharge your phone when needed! These are also great at concerts, festivals, and theme parks. Warning: if people know you have these, they will want a charge as well! Keep your battery in your purse or pocket and charge discretely for best results!
  7. Respect others’ boundaries. Don’t leave your dirty clothes all over the hotel room that you are sharing with others. Don’t drink all of someone else’s alcohol or eat someone else’s leftovers from the fridge. And remember: cosplay IS NOT consent! Do not touch people without permission, and do not harass them for that permission!
  8. Drink responsibly. Nearly everyone drinks at conventions. I do. You do. He, she, it does. It is an ingrained part of the convention culture, to the point where many cons have 24/7 parties appearing all over the premises. Still, everyone has a limit, and everyone knows that limit. DO NOT pass your limit and force others to baby you. DO NOT pass your limit and make yourself sick. DO NOT pass your limit and get alcohol poisoning. This is extremely important if you choose to drink under 21, as your bad decisions will negatively impact both the convention’s staff members, the convention’s reputation, and the people that you traveled with. Also, make sure to eat before drinking. Soak up that booze.
  9. Quarantine yourself if ill. In reality, don’t even go to the convention if you are ill. But if you wake up with the sniffles, stay in your room. Let your roommates know this. Eat soup and drink tea. Get some sleep. Wash your hands. Spray Lysol into the air. Your goal at this point is to infect as few people as possible. Don’t be that dick who walks around knowingly sick and contributes to more people catching the “con crud” that impact every convention on Sundays. FUN FACT: Practicing steps #1-#4 helps to prevent con crud from coming to an immune system near you 😀
  10. Save the drama for yo’ mama. Conventions are for having fun. You are there with friends. Even if there are people present that you dislike, you can ignore them. If they are harassing you, let your group leader know about it. If you don’t know your harasser, tell a member of staff or a security officer. Conventions are a stress-reliever, and keeping yourself worked up all weekend does the complete opposite of that. So, take a chill pill, and have FUN!!!

Marketing Indie Books For Dummies

Last Thursday, I released the first book in my four-part series The Belle Âme Chronicles. Not only did this mark the start of a new series that I am madly in love with (and plan to submit for my graduate school application), but it also marked the end of my previous saga.

My initial two novels were based on a short story series written from late-2002 through mid-2008, known as the “Fab Gang”. Featuring a plethora of characters loosely based on my favourite anime protagonists and antagonists, Fab Gang was a hodge-podge of chaos that only a teenager’s mind could manifest. Still, you can’t write something for so long without giving it a proper ending, and The Banana Avenue Chronicles did just that.

But my high school pennings are in the past. In their place are new, mature books that I am extremely proud of as an adult. Enter: The Belle Âme Chronicles.

I always feel like a rock star when I publish a new book. As I should! And so should you! Be proud of your hard work!

This quartet of murder-mystery thrillers has been my pet project for the past year. The May 17th release of “Down The River” is a testament to my hard work, and I am so thrilled to see the feedback it’s received in just one week!

As an indie publisher, all of the marketing for “Down The River” and the entire The Belle Âme Chronicles series is solely on me. If I keep quiet, my books don’t sell. Indie publishing has a lot of benefits that traditional publishing does not provide, but it also has its weaknesses.

Like a lack of marketing.

Marketing will make or break your book. Literally. I’m 100% serious.

For anyone that is thinking about, in the process of, or already has indie published a book, here are my tips to ensure a successful release and a happy writing career:

  1. Edit, edit, edit! As an indie author, you are in complete control of your manuscript. Whatever you submit as the final manuscript to your publisher is what hits the shelves. While you might see great success like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or The Secret, you may also publish a blunder like My Immortal. Your typos live on in print. Forever. Proofread. Edit multiple drafts. Outsource to a professional editor. And then proofread some more. No matter how good your plot is—and while most readers will forgive occasional typos—a cacophony of spelling errors and grammatical fallacies are the quickest way to lose your audience and ruin your reputation.
  2. Choose a professional cover and title. Many indie authors avoid this advice and play around with Microsoft Paint to create their covers. This is why many indie authors (myself included) wind up rereleasing their books with new covers years later. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may be polite…but its simply not true. A potential new reader will absolutely judge your book by its cover (and its title) from the time they lay eyes on it. An amateur cover significantly lowers the odds that they will even open your book. Many readers already do not take indie authors seriously. Do not give them another reason to consider you an amateur. Better covers = better sales!
  3. Gear up (quietly) for your release (pre-scheduled). You want the news of your novel to be a pleasant surprise, with a call-to-action to buy your book immediately available. If you have been screaming about your book for months, people are going to tune out your posts. This means they will also tune out your “It’s finally here!” post. Post a teaser once per week for #1LineWed on Twitter. Go at least one week without mentioning your book leading up to its release and then…BAM! Advertise at 10am local time on your release day on ALL of your social media channels. Pre-schedule these using services like Hootsuite to make your life easier. Create a professional advertising graphic to accompany these posts, and have them link directly to your sales page (i.e. The Amazon page).

    Here is my current ad for “Down The River”. You can find templates like these on Google Images, and you can edit them all together with some intermediate-to-advanced Photoshop skills! Don’t have those skills? Commission someone who does 🙂
  4. Collab with other authors and their newsletters. Creative pursuits are unique in that its success directly stems from who you know and who knows you. For this reason, most indie authors are more than happy to promote you as long as you promote them, too. Join online groups like AAYAA and 20BooksTo50K, and befriend other authors in your genre. Start a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter to send out to your readers. Advertise other authors’ books in your newsletter in exchange for them advertising your book in their newsletters. A little bit goes a long way, and the more places a reader has seen your book’s cover appear, the more likely they are to finally take the plunge and check it out.
  5. Be LOUD! Don’t be obnoxious and post about your new book five times an hour, every hour. That’s how people unfollow/unfriend you. But don’t be afraid to post about your new work of art! Make a day-one announcement on all of our social media, and post “Thank you” to anyone who shares the post. The following day, thank everyone for their support. Purchase a one-week ad campaign to keep your book in the public’s eye for a week, and then do another thank you post after the campaign ends. Remember, the key is getting your book out there, while also keeping the public from being annoyed. Don’t make posts that say “I guess I should share this…” Be confident! “My new book is out, and if you like [genre] books, then you definitely need to check it out today! :D” You’ve got this.
Local bookstores and libraries are also your friends! Reach out to them and let them know that you want to do a book signing. Few will say no, as you are bringing in patrons 😀

Do you consider yourself a writer (whether a novelist, poet, journalist, etc.)? If so, let me know in the comments, and leave a link to where I can check out your work! And don’t be afraid to reach out if you need any help publishing or require any other publishing tools to reach your endgame.