Bad Con Adventures

After a decade spent in the anime community, Angela Nicole Chu has seen it all. As a part of the popular 18+ panelist group The Abusement Park and as a respected cosplayer in her own right, Chu has traveled nationwide to perform. Chu has brought up to 30 attendees with her to most conventions, which has led to a plethora of hijinks and shenanigans that are both hilarious and downright infuriating.

Learn why Chu now has rules like “Don’t pee on your roommates” and “No fornicating in your buddy’s bed”, why it is always important to tip your hotel maids, and what caused Chu to nearly quit conventions in 2012. Also, get a behind-the-scenes view into what staffing at a con is really like, why gas money is crucial, and what not to do for an 18+ panel.

Released: April 12th, 2019
Cover Art by the talented Dandy Serenity!!