The D20 Disaster

The D20 Disaster follows novelist and podcaster Angela Nicole Chu’s account of her recruitment into failed modeling scam The D20 Disaster*. It narrates in detail the 8 years that she spent within the agency, during which she recruited over 30 members to write and model for no pay, chronicling her breaking point and her decision to get out, and how her decision helped to destroy what was left of the company and its subset GeeekNews.

Complete with personal photographs, this tell-all follows Angela from the moment she applied to The D20 Disaster, to the decision to rejoin the agency in a higher rank following her first leave due to the nefarious actions of its founder, to her realization of how the agency did nothing but use and abuse women for over a decade and how she could be the key to preventing more women from getting hurt.

Release Date: 28th February 2020

Cover Photo: C&C Studios