When you’ve got a lot of thoughts in your head, you’ve gotta put them somewhere. And that is why I podcast! Be sure to check out Chu On That, now available on iTunes for your listening pleasure 😀

ChuOnThat_titlecard_smallerWant to let go of perfection, anxiety, and rigidness? Ready to break through your own personal roadblocks, and in turn take a leap of faith into your passions and your careers? Host Angela Nicole Chu is a guiding force for people of all types who want to stop over-thinking their lives away, and instead wish to live with more trust, intuition, and flow. Join us every week, and change the way that you THINK, LOVE, and LIVE so that we all become the happiest versions of ourselves!

Ep. 001 | “Broken Crayons Still Colour”
In this first episode, host Angela Nicole Chu introduces herself, explains her background, and gives us our first exercise in practicing self-love. It is time to push aside everything you’ve been told and everything you feel is true, and replace those thoughts with ones that can truly help you to persevere! Be sure to reach out to Angela @TheAngieChu on Twitter and Instagram for any questions or suggestions in relation to the Chu On That podcast!