Book #1: Down The River (click to buy me now!!)

The Washingtons are the artistic, hippie family that everyone knows and side-eyes. Holed up in their own private compound, affectionately christened “Belle Âme”, the Washingtons keep to themselves until they choose to put on a new performance for the public.

But their hand in a murder one-year-prior weighs heavily on the minds of Blythe and Nathalian Washington. The fragile mental state of Nathalian’s younger brother, Edwin, and the constant chaos brewing around their teenaged daughters do nothing to quell their nerves. And with the two-year anniversary of the disappearance of Blythe’s cousin Georgia on the horizon, the Washingtons feel themselves slowly becoming unhinged.

When signs start to point to Georgia’s return, Blythe and Nathalian team up to try to uncover the truth, without also revealing the details of their darkest secrets.

Released: May 17th, 2018

Book #2: Reaper’s Creek (click to buy me now!!)

It’s happening again.

Three months after secrets and deception rocked the Washington family, a mysterious postcard and a series of photographs threaten to derail life once more. Some unexpected blackmail locks itself into place, forcing Blythe, Nathalian, Edwin, and Moira to reluctantly dust off their sleuthing hats and head down a new path of pure evil.

The Washington sisters and Johnny all do some sleuthing of their own, and the discovery of Blythe and Edwin’s own deceptions rock the family.

Things quickly turn deadly, and it becomes clear that Georgia’s mysterious disappearance is far more sinister than the Washingtons ever thought possible. How far can the Washingtons push their luck before the evil finally bites back?

Released: February 02nd, 2019

Book Three: Beneath A Mountain Moon
Available: May 16th, 2019

Book Four: Georgia Wants To Play
Available: November 28th, 2019

Bad Con Adventures: The Anime Convention Survival Guide (coming soon!!)

After a decade spent in the anime community, Angela Nicole Chu has seen it all. As a part of the popular 18+ panelist group The Abusement Park and as a respected cosplayer in her own right, Chu has traveled nationwide to perform. Chu has brought up to 30 attendees with her to most conventions, which has led to a plethora of hijinks and shenanigans that are both hilarious and downright infuriating.

Learn why Chu now has rules like “Don’t pee on your roommates” and “No fornicating in your buddy’s bed”, why it is always important to tip your hotel maids, and what caused Chu to nearly quit conventions in 2012. Also, get a behind-the-scenes view into what staffing at a con is really like, why medical emergencies are literally the worst, and what conventions she refuses to work for again.

Available: March 15th, 2018
Cover Art by the talented Dandy Serenity!!

Book #1: I Heard There’d Be CAKE (click to buy me now!!)

Welcome to Dalia: Population 4769.

Nikki Alexandru has no idea how she got to the island, or even what her real name is. All she knows is that she woke up in a strange house and quickly became hunted by someone trying to kill her. Frantic and alone, Nikki quickly bonds with her new cohorts as she tries to unravel the mysteries of who she is and how she wound up in the situation.

As danger arises, Nikki must rely on the aid of a male go-go dancer, two bumbling chefs, a marijuana-smoking surgeon, bickering telemarketers, and a mysterious Luciferian in order to escape her intended fate. As the local hospital begins to fill with victims, Nikki becomes aware that the darkness is centered around her, and she is faced with the decision of either watching her new companions fall victim to a band of assassins or facing evil alone.

Will Nikki be able to uncover the mysteries of her past, or will life on Dalia become just another lost memory?

Released: May 02nd, 2010

Book #2: Lettuce Prey (click to buy me now!!)

It’s been five years since death and destruction were bestowed upon the island of Dalia, and its inhabitants are still struggling to move past their physical and mental scars. The disappearance of Nikki Alexandru has left her husband, Vincent, a shell of his former self, while his sister and brother-in-law struggle to push their partying pasts behind them and behave like the adults and parents they now are.

The Smuskiewiczes’ adoptive teenage son, Matthew, throws a wrench into everyone’s melancholy, forcing his optimism and sensibility on all whom he encounters. But Matt has a few secrets of his own, ones that could lead his family and friends down that same deadly path once more.

What is Matt hiding? And why? Will the trauma of the past be too much for Dalia’s citizens to handle as the anniversary date quickly approaches? And what sort of being is still out for blood, once again raising the stakes and forcing the once party-hardy group to pull out all of their detective stops once more?

October 04th will forever be a dangerous date in Dalia…

Released: April 20th, 2012