Suspense & Thriller Novels

These novels are my bread and butter. They’re what I love to read. Subsequently, they’re what I love to write.

My suspense and thriller novels are recommended for older teens and adults. They contain strong language, violence, drug usage, and adult situations. If they were a show, they would be TV-MA.

Belle Âme Chronicles

Published: 2018 – current

Type: Series

Length: 3 currently available books, more to come!

Books: Down The River, Reaper’s Creek, Beneath A Mountain Moon, Georgia Wants To Play

Hoodrat Sh!t

Published: 2019 – current

Type: Series

Length: 1 currently available book, more to come!

Books: Hoodrat Sh!t Vol.1, Hoodrat Sh!t, Vol. 2

Paranormal FaeryTales

Published: 2019 – current

Type: Anthology

Length: Coming soon!

Books: The Black Eyed Kids, Cinder

Banana Avenue Chronicles

Published: 2010 – 2012

Type: Series

Length: 2 books, completed

Books: I Heard There’d Be CAKE, Lettuce Prey