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Goodbye Eczema, Hello Micellar Cleansing Water!

Eczema runs in my family. It affects my grandfather. It affects my mother. Of course, that means that it was destined to affect me, too.

My eczema first made an appearance in 1996, when I was around six-years-old. My mother noticed large flaky patches on my scalp as she styled my hair one day. These patches were itchy, so I scratched them as any child would do. This led to some of the flakes scattering into my hair—which well-meaning elementary school kids misconstrued as lice on occasion—and sores appearing on my scalp.

This image is a lie. No one’s hair looks that good with this goo on your scalp.

My mother applied this nasty oil called Sulfur 8 on my scalp to try combating the eczema. Not only did it stink, but the heavy oil weighed down my hair...

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