Adventures In Minimalism: iOS App Deletion

Something that I have been trying to do since purchasing a house in March 2018 is to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. This is very difficult for me, as the only child of a pack-rat and very generous parents and grandparents, but in an attempt not to junk up the house, this is a necessary evil.

…And oddly satisfying!

Part of the minimalism push was watching my long-time blogging buddy, Georgie Luhur, do the same thing in her life. Georgie is awesome, so definitely give her some love <3

Today, I decided to go more minimalistic in regards to my iPhone 7. I have been an iPhone user since July 2009 and love them dearly. However, in recent years with such a large amount of storage space on my current iPhone, I have gone crazy with my apps somehow. I’m not sure how this happened, but lately, it seems like I have 10 new app updates each day. I rarely update my apps daily, so this has led to me having 60-100 app updates each week.


I decided to check to see how many apps I currently have and to delete the unneeded ones. I plan to upgrade to an iPhone X in a month, and there’s no sense in bogging down a brand-new phone with useless fodder.

To start, I needed to see what I’d be dealing with.

Maybe I should prune this thing more often… Oh yeah, the notifications. I’m a busy person, and NO I am not cleaning out that inbox xD

218 iPhone apps.


To boot, four of these apps aren’t even usable on the current iOS 11. I can’t bring myself to delete Flappy Bird because that shit is a classic, but I’ll be taking care of the other poor blokes.

I currently have four pages of apps. My first page is my most-used apps. All of these are used daily or semi-daily at minimum, so they all get to stay.

The second page is the most daunting. For years, I only had two pages of apps, thank to making several folders on the second app page. I don’t remember when I got to four pages of apps…but I guess this is the problem.

Deleted from page two: GarageBand, iMovie, iTunes U, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, iBooks, Tips, Stocks, Xbox, TV, TextPics Free, iTunes Store, RMaker, PocketLife, Waze, News, UploadnRoll, Photo Flipper, PS Express, Image Editor, ProCam, AirBrush, Twitterrific, Watch, Find Friends, Pebble, FMHmobile, Rosy Writer, FamCal, Speedtest, Script, Nonjoro, Oevo, V2, MyChallenge, Toggl Timer, TweetList!, Ipsy, Zen Planner, iFruit, Files, GoodBudget, SongKick, Gorillaz, E!, GetColorBall, Love Live!, Magikarp, Pocket Camp, Ukulele Tuner, Ukulele, Sing True

I’m surprised that Apple allows me to delete base apps now. I literally had a folder called “Apple Fodder” with the apps like Keynote and Stocks that couldn’t be removed only two years ago.

174 apps left.

Deleted from page three: Flexmis, Unfriended, Adobe Scan, Lomograph, Rokumotee, WeChat

I actually really like WeChat, but I’m currently locked out of my account and can’t get back into it, so away it goes!

168 apps left.

Deleted from page four: SimpleContainer, Instacart, AirMEasure, My Account

Not much to be removed from this page.

164 apps left.

So, 54 apps are gone. …This is oddly less than I wanted to delete, and not very gratifying, especially since I now have to reorganize my apps. Time for a second pass!

More Fallen Soldiers: MyFitnessPal, Countdown, Papa John’s, BeyondMenu, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, InstaSave, GIPHY, InstaSaver, Expedia, Ultimate Ears, FedEx, UPS, Sarahah, Cleaner, Twilist, Flikes, Scope Booster, Fiverr, Spectrum TV, Pandora, FreeTube, BUKnights, Pooped, Vine Camera, MakeAMeme+, Patreon, Ebates, Nutrition+, Get Subs, Face, Face2,

133 apps left! 85 gone >:)

I gave it one more pass and can’t find anything else to remove, but I like the way this looks. I rearranged what was in each folder, and now it’s super easy to find what I need! I also freed up 8gb of storage space. My original two iPhones only had 8GB of storage space, so I essentially freed up an iPhone 3Gi’s worth of apps.

I’ll definitely try not to let my app-load go overboard again. I like only having two pages of apps, so I’ll try to make myself a rule that I have to delete an app in order to install a new one if it’s going to push me over the 2-page limit.

What about you guys? Any recent app purges? I’ll be doing more minimalism posts soon, so stay tuned 🙂