One Cheat Meal Or Missed Workout Doesn’t Mean Failure

I’ve had this issue in the past. Most people I know have had this issue in the past. And it’s unfortunate.

We’ve all been there… You’re clean-eating like a champ, making sure to get #VeggiesMost and eschewing all of the sugary desserts. You’re working out daily, and feeling the literal burn in your muscles. You’re staring at ourselves nakedly each evening and feeling so many happy butterflies over how much your body is changing as you near your goal. And then…

Disaster strikes.

It might be a party.

It might be a vacation.

It might be the holidays.

But whatever it is…you don’t live up to your daily #FitFam expectations. And you feel gross.

A college-freshman’s wet dream, and a college-sophomore’s nightmare as they try to undo the damage of the past 365 days. These foods are tasty and are perfectly fine to enjoy on occasion. Just don’t make them daily staples in your diet.

You’ve devoured 4 slices of pizza, some cookies, a soda, and then laid on the couch all day. By the end of the evening, you’re beating yourself up and feel terrible. You want to go running to burn off the meal, but you’re too full and bloated to go more than a few steps. What do you do next??

Well, first, remember that we’re all human. No one is expected to eat clean and workout every single day. Personal trainers indulge. Celebrities indulge. Models indulge. Everyone indulges sometimes. That’s why the term “weekly cheat meal” exists. Should you use your weekly cheat meal as an excuse to drink a carton of lard. Helllll no! But indulging in your favourite greasy foods is a-okay!

Just as one healthy meal doesn’t make you lose 10 lbs, one unhealthy meal doesn’t make you gain 10 lbs. It’s all about consistency. If all you eat are veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins, then yes you will lean out and lose weight. If all you eat is grease, fried foods, and cakes, then yes you will bloat and gain weight. But one meal is not enough to influence one or the other.

Just as one healthy meal doesn’t make you lose 10 lbs, one unhealthy meal doesn’t make you gain 10 lbs.

Everyone deserves a guilty pleasure. Everyone has their favourite cheat meal. Why have it if you never use it? Think about your week to-come, and plan out the day for your cheat meal! (For all of my American readers, Thanksgiving Day dinner is your cheat meal this coming November. You’re welcome). And then, let loose on that cheat meal.

Trust me, you’re going to rememberi that cheat meal the following day, and you’ll have that much more motivation to hit the gym and continue your path to fitness.

Pilates-style HIIT workouts are my favourites! I recommend giving online workouts by Kayla Itsines, Lucy Wyndham-Read, and Blogilates a try if you’re looking for something new 🙂

What you shouldn’t do is to give up. Don’t feel like a failure (even though it’s inevitable at times, especially on vacations). Don’t say to yourself, “Well, I’ve been lazy for two days, so I guess this is it for my fitness plans”. NO! NO, NO, NO! So what that you were lazy for two days? Hop back on the horse, and start galloping your way to success again.

Repeat After Me: A two-day rest should not equate the destruction of your goals. Every workout and every healthy meal helps to further your goals. Again, if anything, a rest or a cheat meal should motivate you further to meet your goals. Where’s that determination and drive? I know you’ve got it. So use it 😘

Back To Blogging & A Photo Of My Cat

This year has been about a lot of “getting back to” endeavours just far. Looking back in the past few years, I missed how things used to be, with having time to work on my own projects through the end of college. Then, I had to work two jobs for an extended period, which killed my LoL free-time. Then, I got a much better job that was still draining and prevented me from doing what I needed to do.

Still I did my best. I finally released my second novel earlier this year. I released my second film. Things were going well.

Then, my dream job literally fell into my lap this past September. I get to write, make videos, and design websites for a living in a very chill environment. I get to listen to Pandora for most of the work day while doing my own thing. It’s nice 🙂 Even better is that both of my bosses are extremely supportive of me and my own online gaming projects and encourage me to “reach for the stars”!

As a result, I have gotten back to my own basics in the past two months.

I am writing a new novel. My best friend and I are in the pre-production stage of our next feature film, one that I wrote back in late 2012 before my productivity fell into the toilet. I am currently creating a new Machinima series using the Sims 4 engine (I loved making Machinima with Sims 2). I am uploading regularly to YouTube. I’m getting back into photography and have a photoshoot with a local band this Sunday. And, hey, I’m blogging! 😀

The featured image at the start of this post is one of my favourite photographs that I’ve ever taken. I just stumbled upon Kairi posing like that, quickly grabbed my camera, and my photo-loving kitty stayed right in place while I took a few shots. I posted it to my DeviantArt and Facebook last night, and have gotten great responses from both sides. It’s always great to get encouragement for your work, and it reminds me of why I fell in love with photography in high school and college. I’ve solely been using my computer game DSLR for years now to do filmwork and to take HQ snaps at parties. I miss just wandering around and capture nature and relationships in their full form.

Let’s change that 🙂

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Fellow bloggers…I need you. I miss the days of LiveJournal when you knew you would get at least 4-5 comments on each of your posts. Posting for no one kills motivation, so if you stumble across this, leave a comment! I’ll be happy to do the same for you ^^

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