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12 Days Of NaNoWriMo: What’s In A Setting?

Welcome back to day four of the 12 Days Of NaNoWriMo! If you’ve been doing your homework, your characters now have some weight to them, and they are helping to drive the direction of your plot. The outline of my prose really begins to come to fruition as my characters develop more and more depth in their descriptions.

So, now, it’s time to write your outline right?


Official outlining begins tomorrow, gentle reader. Today is all about your setting.

Where does your story take place? What time period is it? Keep in mind that a story set in 2019 differs in terms of technology and pop-culture from a story set in 2009…and those both differ greatly from a story set in either 1999 or 1909…or 1009.

This is where ...

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12 Days Of NaNoWriMo: Relating Your Characters To The Plot

Welcome to day three, guys! Yesterday, we created some of your main characters. Remember, they should all have a first name and a distinction. This is important. For today’s work, it’s imperative to know whether you’re dealing with an antihero or an antagonist.

It’s time to start building your plot, and that’s going to happen via character development. Remember how you wrote down a super simple plotline on day one? It’s time to grab that document.

Each character plays a role in the success of your plot, or else they are a worthless character to have in your story. The way to determine the significance of each character to your plot is to draft a short synopsis for them.

Let’s take a look at my character Blythe Washington from the Belle Âme Chronicles series...

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12 Days Of NaNoWriMo: Selecting Characters

Did you do your homework? Of course, you did! And that means you’ve generated a basic idea for your NaNoWriMo project 🙂

Once you have a basic idea of the plot, the next thing on the list is to determine some of your main characters. What? We’re not writing out a full outline next?

No, gentle reader.

Not just yet.

Your characters help to define the plot. Once your characters become more fleshed out, they will begin to act like Sims with full autonomy while you simply notate their actions. Knowing how your main characters behave will determine how your outline will look.

Not just yet. Your characters help to define the plot. Once your characters become more fleshed out, they will begin to act like Sims with full autonomy while you simply notate their actions...

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12 Days Of NaNoWriMo: What Is NaNoWriMo?

If you are a writer of any sort, you’ve likely heard of NaNoWriMo, the official abbreviated form of National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo is an annual writeathon in which writers from around the world attempt to write 50,000 words between the 01st and 30th of November. Founded by writer Chris Baty in 1999, NaNoWriMo has grown from twenty-one participants in its first year to hundreds of thousands of registered participants each year.

“50,000 words, you say? You must be crazy!”

No, dear reader. I am not.

NaNoWriMo encourages writers to put their words on paper first and focus on making things pretty and perfect later. The editing phase exists for a reason, and NaNoWriMo’s practice encourages writers to vomit their words onto their pages and polish it to gold later.


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NaNoWriMo 2017 Looms On The Horizon…

The time is near. One week away, to be exact. National Novel Writing Month (affectionately referred to as “NaNoWriMo”) begins on Wednesday, November 01st, 2017, and writers everywhere are freaking out.

What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo is an annual writing challenge that runs from November 01st-30th. The goal? To write 50,000 words of a manuscript within those thirty days…which is the minimum length requirement for a standard novel (20,000-49,999 grants you a novella in the writing world). In order to hit this goal, writers are encouraged to write 1667 words each day to stay on track. It sounds easy. Some days, it is. But overall, it is a daunting challenge with a high reward.

As the author of two published novels with multiple NaNoWriMo cycles under her belt, I have provided some tips and ad...

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