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Scallion Stories

One of the most versatile ingredients that enhances many a meal is scallions. Also known as green onions or shallots, these little babies are available for pretty low a price in most supermarkets.

Making a soup? Add scallions. Cooking some meat? Add scallions. Eggs? Scallions. Pancakes? Scallions. Hell, take your Easy Mac and throw in some scallions for a while new kick!

The best thing about scallions is that they are cheaper than cheap. They can be made available in your own home for FREE.

You don’t need a full garden. You don’t even need a green thumb. You need a bundle of scallions from the supermarket, a cup, some water, and some sunlight.

  1. Grab a bundle of scallions from the supermarket.
  2. Cut 1-2 inches ...
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The Joys Of Urban Gardening

One of my new obsessions during this quarantine (I am officially at day 47 since life as I knew it came to a screeching halt) is gardening. And of course, me being me, it has to be done on my terms.

I grew up watching my grandfather grow tomatoes and green bell peppers in my mother’s backyard. I wasn’t a huge fan of either at the time, so I didn’t get to reap the benefits of his harvests. Instead, my gardening memories are of helping him plant each year’s crops…sitting with him in the late morning sun, digging holes with my little shovel, and staring at awe at the ecosystem of never-before-seen insects traversing under the ground. These are memories that I look back on fondly, and I am smiling currently as I write.

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