Web Design

Web design was an accidental love. I took a series of Saturday “summer camp” courses when I was 10-years-old. One of them was web design, and I was taught how to create basic webpages using Netscape Composer (remember that??) and a FTP file uploader.

I quickly fell in love and designed my first website, uploading it at 11-years-old. From there, I taught myself to use FrontPage (now known as Dreamweaver) and launched my first official website, where my long-running short story series was posted from 2012-2018. It still exists on the interwebs, actually. You just need to know how to find it 😛

After finally purchasing my own domain (this one!) in 2011 and creating a new official website, I began to also create websites for others. If you are interested in having a website built for low, low prices…please contact me at theangiechu@gmail.com or on one of my social media pages, and we’ll chat 🙂



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