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Your First Look At “The Vampires’ Serenade” Happens NOW!!

Sep 13, 2022

The Eclipsing Hearts anthology releases TODAY! This limited-time anthology is packed with reverse harem and fated mates novels and is available digitally from all major retailers. But what makes this release even more exciting??

AND you’re getting tons of other novels in the process? What a deal!!

Yep, that’s right! Book #1 of The Vampires’ Serenade is included within Eclipsing Hearts 🥳

You might have noticed that Book #1 “Heart Of Cold” is scheduled to release in December 2022, with Book #2 “Grave Misconduct” to follow shortly thereafter in January 2023, but there’s never been anything wrong with getting a head-start. You can read “Heart Of Cold” IN FULL today as part of Eclipsing Hearts. Fall in love with the vampires, humans, and dhampirs of Villeurbanne months before anyone else.

What’s The Vampires’ Serenade all about anyway?

When Duchess Persephone is accused of murdering her betrothed, she flees from her kingdom of Carcassonne with the help of a strange, nude woman that she meets in the woods. Persephone (alias, “Pippa”) arrives in Villeurbanne and finds that the underground city is filled with vampires! Realizing that both Princess Elisabeta and Prince Vulpes have their eye on her, Pippa must decide whether to stay the course and become a vampire’s bride, or to return to her hometown and face the music.

Okay, okay, I hope I’ve sold you on The Vampires’ Serenade 😉

But what other bestselling authors are included in the Eclipsing Hearts anthology? I’m glad that you asked! Eclipsing Hearts includes titles from the following authors:
Sedona Ashe
C.E. Lashua
Lucy Scott Bryan
C.A. King
Rhylie Matthews
Kassandra Cross
Sherry D. Ficklin
Sky Purington
Reese Spenser
Rachelley Bean
Angela Nicole Chu
Joss Revel
Mira Kane
Ashley Amy
Natalia Prim
Lilith Ramsey
Mariyam Hasnain

The Royals are waiting… Grab your copy of Eclipsing Hearts today 😘

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