Angela Nicole Chu is a thirtysomething bestselling author from Louisville, KY. While her early publications were rooted in comedy, her work shifted into romance and suspense as she advanced through her 20s. Her stories are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, run a chill down your spine, and make you suspicious of your neighbours. She blames her mother for raising her on Dateline Mysteries.

Chu currently resides in Louisville, KY with her husband and son, their three cats, and their two puppies.

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Okay, perhaps I didn't take things THAT seriously haha. I penned and published a short (17K word) novella called "Hoodrat Sh!t, Vol. 1" in July 2019 as a comedic vampire story. It was actually decently received, but it was hard to market because of the length, lack of depth, and the curse word in the title. I eventually went back and reworked this book, doubling its length and adding some romance and dark situations, and it was reborn as the first book of my Pretty Little Vampires series.

As for "Gifted Blood Academy", those two books were originally published as a part of the clean, middle-school grade Ytherynia anthology set. I was never too pleased with them, as I am admittedly not a clean, child-friendly writer and my readers expect spice in my work. So, I also couldn't properly market this series either. I rewrote the first two books as adult urban fantasy and republished them as my Shifter Syndicate series!

WHAT HAPPENED TO Hoodrat SH!T and Gifted Blood Academy??

After years of publishing short stories on the Internet, I published my first indie book in May 2012. I was a senior in college and had no clue what I was doing. The book read like crack fanfiction, I did zero marketing, and I couldn't figure out why it didn't sell (oops.) I published a sequel for it FOUR YEARS LATER in 2016, which was a much stronger book but tied to a weak first-in-series. I scrapped it all and began writing The Belle Âme Chronicles, which was published in May 2018. I consider that the start of my writing career, as that's when I started taking things seriously.

You've Been Published For Over A Decade But Don't Acknowledge It. Why??

I publish both Urban Fantasy and Suspense Romance Thrillers. However, I always say that if you like one of my series, you'll probably like the rest. I love writing quirky, complex, mostly anti-hero characters that show a lot of heart but are also heavily flawed. My books almost always have both a mystery component and a romance element. If you love magical characters, check out my Urban Fantasy. If you prefer humans, stick to my Suspense Romance Thrillers! If you don't care whether the characters are modern vampires or human, READ THEM ALL!

What Genres are your books??

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