Marleigh's death isn't going very well... After being pitched from her beloved horse, she is forced to adjust to life as a ghost after respawning in the realm of Sheattidin. Marleigh becomes a loner (well, moreso than she already was) and finds herself spending most of her time floating through her condo and lamenting her death to her emotional support angel, Dardariel. That is...until she receives a mysterious letter in the mail.

Being dead ain't all that it's cracked up to be...


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Book 1

Shifter Syndicate

Meet the rest of the cast

The Washingtons and their associates are a complex bunch. On the surface, they're just your band of quirky, creative hippies that occasionally stumble their way into trouble. But deep down...

All of the Washingtons have secrets. And those secrets threaten their familial bonds.

Who are the Washingtons? Let's find out...

Meet the Cast of 
Shifter Syndicate

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The Story So Far

It’s happening again... Three months after secrets and deception rocked the Washington family, Blythe and Nathalian remain haunted by everything that transpired, while Edwin and Moira get cozy in their new roles as parents.

Reaper's Creek