When Duchess Persephone is accused of murdering her betrothed, she flees from her kingdom of Carcassonne with the help of a strange, nude woman that she meets in the woods. Persephone (alias, “Pippa”) arrives in Villeurbanne and finds that the underground city is filled with vampires! Realizing that both Princess Elisabeta and Prince Vulpes have their eye on her, Pippa must decide whether to stay the course and become a vampire’s bride, or to return to her hometown and face the music. 

Journey to Villeurbanne...
a modern kingdom that bites!

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Book 1

The Vampires' Serenade

Meet the rest of the cast

Quirky, untamed Duchess Persephone never truly belonged in Carcassonne. She was always the "black sheep" of the family, and the other Royals did what they could to silence and stifle her.

She is relieved to find the Royals (and the locals) in Villeurbanne far more welcoming, but not everything is as peachy as it first appears. There are plenty of secrets and hostility rampant in Villeurbanne, and they're all determined to keep their skeletons hidden.

Who all has something to lose? Let's find out...

Meet the Cast of The Vampires' Serenade

It’s happening again... Three months after secrets and deception rocked the Washington family, Blythe and Nathalian remain haunted by everything that transpired, while Edwin and Moira get cozy in their new roles as parents.

Reaper's Creek