All of Angela Nicole Chu's series take place in magical worlds, but some are shared with other authors. Check out more shared works by other authors in the links below!
Similarly, some of Angela Nicole Chu's stories are also found in various anthology collections featuring 5-20 other authors. Some of these stories are exclusive to the anthology itself. These are also found below :)

Shared Worlds & Anthologies



When you make your living on the open road fighting monsters, love is barely in the rearview mirror... 

With family lore and urban legends as their guide, hunters track banshees through bogs, exorcise demons, and try to find the best dry cleaner to get pixie dust out of their favorite jacket. Follow these hunters in this action packed anthology filled with your favorite authors as they defend humanity from creatures that go bump in the night and find love along the way.

"Monster Hunter"

From kingdoms faraway to locations nearby, Angela Nicole Chu's Exclusive Sample Pack is a boxset of samples that delight and bite! This boxset includes...
  • Heart Of Cold, The Vampires' Serenade book #1 sample
  • Ghost Of A Chance, Shifter Syndicate book #1 sample
  • Never Trust A Tentacle, Demon Valley Wasteland book #1 sample
  • Down The River, The Belle Âme Chronicles book #1 sample
  • Nightmare At The Fandom Fest, Pretty Little Vampires book #1 sample

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