Series By Angela Nicole Chu

Here is a complete list of all book series written and published by author Angela Nicole Chu. Each series' section will include the entry book's cover, a synopsis, tropes, a purchase link, and a link to character bios.

Content Warning: As a generalization, the majority of Angela Nicole Chu's books include the following: coming-of-age twentysomethings (hence, the New Adult genre), dialogue-driven plots, paranormal elements, fantasy elements, spicy bedroom scenes, interracial romances, LGBT romances, interspecies romances (i.e. vampire+human, witch+human), murder, vigilante justice, betrayal, various past traumas.

Series Completion Timelines: Angela Nicole Chu's series are not written in a straight line. You will sometimes have 2-3 books in a series published back-to-back, but typically several series are releasing at once. Dipping from series to series keeps AngieChu's muse (and her deadlines for shared projects!) happy! Please remember that you may have to wait for the next book in a series, but it will come. Some readers prefer reading a series once it's completed, and that's okay! These series' completion statuses will be marked for easy observation.

Journey to Villeurbanne...
A modern kingdom that bites!

The Vampires' Serenade

When Duchess Persephone is accused of murdering her betrothed, she flees from her kingdom of Carcassonne with the help of a strange, nude woman that she meets in the woods. Persephone (alias, “Pippa”) arrives in Villeurbanne and finds herself immersed in a modern-style, underground city filled with shoppes, flora, and vampires!

Pippa quickly learns that both Princess Elisabeta and Prince Vulpes have their eye on her, and both vampire siblings will do whatever is necessary to win her heart. Pippa proceeds to date both royals as they introduce her to their kingdom, and she grows increasingly attached to them both as time passes.

However, nothing is what it seems in Villeurbanne. As clues about the Queen's untimely death present themselves to Pippa, she must decide whether to stay the course and become a vampire’s bride or return to her hometown and face the music?



The body they buried is the least threatening secret...

The Belle Âme Chronicles

The Washingtons are the artistic, hippie family that everyone knows and side-eyes. Holed up in their own private compound, affectionately christened “Belle Âme”, the Washingtons keep to themselves unless it is time for one of patriarch Nathalian's stage performances.

But their hand in a murder one-year-prior weighs heavily on the minds of Nathalian and his wife, Blythe. The fragile mental state of Nathalian’s younger brother, Edwin, and the constant chaos brewing around their teenaged daughters only exacerbates their nerves. And with the two-year anniversary of the disappearance of Blythe’s cousin Georgia on the horizon, the Washingtons feel their lives devolving into chaos.

When signs point to Georgia’s return, Blythe and Nathalian team up to uncover the truth. But can they do so without also revealing their darkest secrets and tainting the one thing that they care about most: their marriage?



Being dead ain't all
that it's cracked up to be...

Shifter Syndicate

Marleigh's death isn't going very well...

After being pitched from her beloved horse, she is forced to adjust to life as a ghost after respawning in the realm of Sheattidin. Marleigh becomes a loner (well, moreso than she already was) and finds herself spending most of her time floating through her condo and lamenting her death to her emotional support angel, Dardariel. That is...until she receives a mysterious letter in the mail.

The letter invites her to attend a university called Shifter Syndicate on a full-ride scholarship. Why? "Because of your talents." But Dardariel warns her that this is neither a Wonka's Golden Ticket nor a gift from Hagrid. Shifter Syndicate is located in the realm of Ytherynia, and nothing good happens in Ytherynia...



Questing has never
been so confusing!

Pretty Little Vampires

Sem Van Dijk is a not-so-hardworking Momma's Boy who enjoys light snacks and Kanye West songs. When he is kidnapped by a gang of vampires, Sem's life turns upside down in a matter of minutes. Cyr, the Grand Vampire of the Illusionists, enlists Sem into his questing business, tasking the frightened human with finding the roots and herbs necessary to make special medicines. The options are simple: cooperate or die. And with the angsty Anya and the oh-so horny Lily-Rose lingering close by, Sem has no choice but to play along

Sem quickly discovers that life with a bunch of vampires isn't as deadly as it's cracked up to be, and he bonds fast with his fanged companions. He grows to love the XP-based income earning system that Cyr puts into place--especially as Lily-Rose shows him how to game the system--and he realizes that he stands to make more money with the Illusionists than he ever could at the office.

But things aren't entirely safe either. Questing is serious business. As Sem investigates a crooked anime convention during the hunt for the Fliondeso Root, he learns that danger, lies, and suspicious spies hide every corner. Can Sem fully integrate within the vampires and survive the mission, or will his broken body be left on Cyr's doorstep with a worker's comp slip?



Welcome to the Wasteland, where the monsters are REAL...

Demon Valley Wasteland

Former assassin Zara Zalar arrived in Bergheim wanting a quiet place to settle down and forget about her past. Sure, an uneasy feeling came over her from the instant that she neared the town's limits, but who wouldn't feel uneasy with as many secrets as she hoped to keep from her new neighbours?

And then there's Mason, the fluffy-haired, doe-eyed, one-handed mage who relentlessly attempts getting to know Bergheim's latest resident. Their connection is near-instant, and Zara has to decide FAST whether Mason's presence is an innocent stroke of fate or a burden meant to drive her further into danger.

Nothing has ever been easy living in the Ryn Wasteland, but when nighttime rolls around, Zara discovers that she's now living in a nightmare. The monsters from her past life were all figurative. She never expected the monsters of her present to be REAL.



From kingdoms faraway to locations nearby, Angela Nicole Chu's Exclusive Sample Pack is a boxset of samples that delight and bite! This boxset includes...
  • Heart Of Cold, The Vampires' Serenade book #1 sample
  • Ghost Of A Chance, Shifter Syndicate book #1 sample
  • Never Trust A Tentacle, Demon Valley Wasteland book #1 sample
  • Down The River, The Belle Âme Chronicles book #1 sample
  • Nightmare At The Fandom Fest, Pretty Little Vampires book #1 sample

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